8 Ways LiquidPlanner Makes Your Job Less Frightening: A Halloween Special

Don't be afraid of project management

Be afraid, be very afraid. Do you know what’s at stake every day you go to work? There’s a lot of money on the table, big commitments are made, there’s a team of co-workers you have to collaborate and communicate with, there’s endless stuff to manage, and if you’re lucky you have a job that …Continue reading »

Two New LiquidPlanner Webinars for November: Analytics and Project Costing


We’ve added two new webinars to our series for November: Analtyics and Project Costing. Our webinar series show teams how to be highly effective at managing projects in LiquidPlanner. To keep the learning curve going, we’re adding two webinars to our program this November: Analytics, and Project Costing. Here are the details for each one: …Continue reading »

What Project Managers and Magicians Have in Common, Or: Why Harry Houdini Was the World’s Greatest Project Manager

Bobblehead of Harry Houdini

On my desk I have a bobblehead figure of Harry Houdini, the world’s greatest magician and escapologist. It reminds me that every project needs a little magic, and every project manager needs a little bit of “woofle dust” to make obstacles disappear and help launch dates align with the project schedule (even when you’re using …Continue reading »

Get the Benefits of Using LiquidPlanner ASAP: Create an LP Playbook, Your Team’s Own User Manual

LP Playbook

It’s a common adoption teeth-gnasher: Your team implements new online project management software, but then there’s that hurdle to get everyone embracing it and using it right away. Most cloud-based services don’t come with internal user manuals—even if there’s a rich array of learning and support materials, training and onboarding help at your disposal. So …Continue reading »

3 Standout Presentation Highlights From the Seattle Interactive Conference

Seattle interactive conference 2014

A couple members of our marketing team recently attended the Seattle Interactive Conference, which took place over the course of three days at the Seattle Convention Center last week. This year’s spotlight was on makers, and the program was filled with digital pioneers who took the stage to offer their best advice and stories. The …Continue reading »

What You Need to Become a Big Data Marketing Agency


The agency world has changed markedly in the last few years, thanks to the rise of marketing automation software (Marketo, Eloqua and Hubspot, to name a few). Marketing automation generates a tremendous amount of data, most of it captured in a data silo for each application. But siloed data makes it difficult to analyze trends …Continue reading »

9 Ways LiquidPlanner Helps Marketing Agencies Manage Their Work


If you work for a marketing agency or run a client-facing business it’s essential that you keep track of your time, your work, your client’s requests, your team’s projects, your creative assets—oh, the list goes on. LiquidPlanner’s scheduling software, planning features and collaboration tools help team members, clients and stakeholders track all aspects of project …Continue reading »

How to Keep Cost and Scope Under Control on Client Projects

A project manager’s responsibilities—and job implications—grow complicated when it comes to client projects. Even though all project plans require your team to deliver the requirements on time, on budget and within quality constraints, delivering client projects can be a different game with higher stakes. For example, when your company is working with an external client, …Continue reading »

6 Essential Project Management Skills They Don’t Teach in School

project management skills

There are some things that are practically impossible to learn without actually doing them. For instance, no amount of reading about how to play a piano will eliminate the need to sit down at the keyboard and practice. Likewise, you can study great art for a lifetime, but you will never really learn to paint …Continue reading »

How We Tag at LiquidPlanner


You’ve probably noticed the new Tags feature in your LiquidPlanner workspace by now. We’re really excited about it and hope you are, too! Here’s a glimpse into how our team has been using tags to collaborate, organize and have fun managing our variety of project work. Portfolio & campaign management Since LiquidPlanner is a tool …Continue reading »