6 Ways Project Management Software Enables Strategy

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Strategy is all about planning. I’m sure you’ve heard all the buzzwords about cycle plan, multi-year strategy, strategic roadmap and corporate strategy. Amazon has over 70,000 books on strategic planning. I haven’t had the chance to read all of them but the majority of strategic planning books include a mix of the following: Mission review …Continue reading »

The Truth Behind Multitasking


Technology and the modern world have given us many advantages—but multitasking isn’t one of them. Multitasking isn’t just about working on more than one task at the same time. It also involves switching back and forth between tasks, and performing two or more tasks in rapid succession. Sound like a typical work week? Not too …Continue reading »

A Look into the Future at the PMI Global Congress EMEA 2015


If you ever feel like you need a confidence boost and to recharge your project management batteries, then a conference is the way to do it. At the PMI EMEA Global Congress in London this month I met an IT project manager doing the same project as me but in Lithuania. It was reassuring to …Continue reading »

The World Is Changing and So Must You: “The Power of Project Leadership” Book Review

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When Susanne Madsen told me she was going to write a book on project leadership, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. I was lucky enough to get an early copy of The Power of Project Leadership: 7 Keys to Help You Transform From Project Manager to Project Leader, and I devoured it …Continue reading »

Why DevOps Is Critical to your Biz


DevOps is a veritable cultural phenomenon across the technology industry that applies Agile and lean principles to system administration and operations. Applying DevOps to your software development and operations can be critical for your business, especially if you’re in a competitive market. I position DevOps right beside Agile project management and Agile development because of …Continue reading »

We Did It! LiquidPlanner Wins CODiE Award for Best Project Management Solution

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We’re thrilled to announce that LiquidPlanner won the SIIA Software CODiE Award for Best Project Management Solution. It’s big news for a number of reasons, starting with the fact that this prestigious award honors leading products and services in the software and information industry, and the CODiE is the industry’s only peer-reviewed awards. In other …Continue reading »

How LiquidPlanner Supports Scrum

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It’s rare to get an Agile lesson on a hit TV comedy. But there’s a scene in the first season of Silicon Valley when Jared, the nerdy biz dev guy for the home-based Pied Piper team, introduces “an organizational system called Scrum.” After the two developers discover they’ve spent half the day doing the same …Continue reading »

How to Start an Internet of Things (IoT) Project Team

Internet of Things

“For a project manager . . .  the impact of the IoT is similar to the advent of the touch screen.” —Pete St. Pierre, president of IoT industry group IPSO Alliance and IoT product manager at Oracle. If the Internet of Things (IoT) represents a grand opportunity for project managers (and especially for IT project …Continue reading »