Introducing LiquidPlanner’s Dashboards. A Powerful Way to Share Project Information


We are so excited to share our new Dashboards feature with our customers! This powerful visual tool lets you share selected project information with team members and stakeholders—inside and outside of your company. Dashboards are fun to make and to use because they have a big impact in such a simple way. For example, dashboards …Continue reading »

Share Your LiquidPlanner Success Story

liquidplanner success story

If you’re a LiquidPlanner customer, and you’ve got a story about how using our project management software has improved, enlightened, streamlined, benefited—you name it—your life at work, we’d love to hear from you. A place to tell your story The Share Your Success Story is a short and breezy form on our website (look for …Continue reading »

Using Project Management Software for Resource Planning

resource planning

Resource planning is a discipline within project management that involves gathering the proper mix and quantity of resources required to complete a project. A resource can be anything from people to equipment, to materials, IT assets or funding. Think of it this way: If the project is a recipe, resource planning is the process of …Continue reading »

3 Reasons Why Your Timesheet Can Get You a Promotion


Most project managers are obsessed with data. They need to be, in order to drive their projects successfully and make accurate schedules and delivery dates. Data can be collected in different ways, but project managers often rely on their project contributors to submit their timesheets, which provide the data they hold so dear. The problem …Continue reading »

LiquidPlanner Spotlight: the View Menu—There Are Wonders Hidden Inside

View menu

We’re all creatures of habit, which means we can easily get in the groove of using a project management tool the same way over and over. And there are so many project plan goodies tucked away in LiquidPlanner, you can almost forget to take advantage of some of them. Here’s one we want to remind …Continue reading »

5 Ways to Survive a Project That’s Up a Creek


I’d be fibbin’ if I told you that every project I ran into was a successful one. I’ve gone in to rescue troubled projects and I’ve been on the receiving end of troubled projects. Neither experience is fun; you’re dealing with a lot of stress and scrutiny beyond the usual project management challenges. This is …Continue reading »