7 More Questions to Ask When You’re Considering a New Project Management Tool

project management tool questions

What’s your best tool to use when evaluating new project management software? The right questions. Without them, you might end up with a solution that doesn’t work for your business, and then good money and time goes down the drain. If you’re the one sussing out options and even making the final recommendation, you don’t …Continue reading »

How Redapt Became a Leading Data Center Provider by Structuring Their Work in LiquidPlanner


It’s always inspiring to read about a startup that’s overcome the odds to grow and become a dominant player in their competitive space. It’s even better when you can apply lessons from their journey to your own business. Here’s a LiquidPlanner customer story that’s a real doozy of a success story. Redapt, Inc. is a fast-growing …Continue reading »

3 Best Practices for Managing Ad Hoc Projects

Rogue Projects

In mainstream project management, you typically strive for a recurring set of tools and workflows: the scope statement, the work-breakdown-structure, the financial analysis, time and cost estimates, the risk assessment, and so on. But any experienced project manager knows there’s no such thing as a typical project. One project type that companies often struggle with is …Continue reading »

9 Signs Your Project Management Solution Is Broken

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Managing projects is a complex business. And many of the project management tools out there don’t help—in part because they’re just as complex as the projects themselves. Traditional PM solutions are notoriously difficult to use, inflexible, frustrating, hard to update and expensive. Teams focus on tasks and dates instead of people and priorities. Project plans …Continue reading »

5 Reasons Why Managing Projects Using Spreadsheets Is a Horrible Idea

spreadsheets and projects

Once in my career, I was lucky enough to work with a true Excel spreadsheet master. Chris could make Excel do anything, except he never used spreadsheets to manage a project. He was a wise man. Since then I’ve come across too many project professionals, teams and organizations who stretch Microsoft Excel into a project …Continue reading »

How to Run Meetings More Effectively Using Dashboards


When meetings are organized and run smoothly, everyone attending is a happy camper. But there are times when meetings are disorganized, and attendees walk away feeling even less informed and become less productive. LiquidPlanner can help change that—try using a Dashboard to organize and run your next meeting. Dashboards are a great way to surface …Continue reading »

How to Give Feedback to a Problematic Team Member—3 Scenarios

team member feedback

Have you ever had to provide negative feedback to a struggling team member? It can be a really uncomfortable situation, especially if you don’t know how to approach it. But as anyone managing even the most outstanding and high-performing technology team knows: Bringing together more than one person lends itself to occasional disruptions. And some …Continue reading »