How to Manage Your Personal Profile Settings in LiquidPlanner

My Profile dropdown

Have you checked your LiquidPlanner profile settings lately? It’s easy to forget what’s tucked inside the My Profile page in your project management tool. Basically, it’s where all of your identifying details in LiquidPlanner live. Whether you’re new to a workspace or you’ve been around a while, here are some basic need-to-knows about managing your …Continue reading »

4 Ways to Be a More Responsive and Less Reactive Project Manager

Responsive or reactive?

One of the best things about my job is that I travel around the world working with project managers. This has taught me something: Managing projects is not the easiest way to make a living. Project managers easily get caught up in the demands of the team, senior managers, stakeholders, the customer—and then find it …Continue reading »

The 4 Worst Project Management Mistakes–and How to Avoid Them

Project mistakes are great learning tools.

The facts and figures don’t lie: Managing complex projects is a daunting task. Which is why there’s so much at stake in the field of project management. Despite our best efforts, the majority of large scale projects finish over budget, out of scope, and past deadlines—if they’re completed at all. If your company is suffering …Continue reading »

Wave Hello! Forrester Honors LiquidPlanner as “Strong Performer” in New PPM Report

Forrester report

This week, Forrester Research included LiquidPlanner in two—yes two—of its annual Forrester Wave market reports about portfolio management and strategic planning. We’re thrilled to be included in both the Portfolio Management For The BT Agenda and the Strategic Planning For The BT Agenda reports. It’s a testament to our market vision and our ability to …Continue reading »

Benjamin Franklin’s Schedule

Ben Franklin's daily schedule

Benjamin Franklin was not just one of America’s Founding Fathers, he was also a writer, scientist, inventor, printer, politician, postmaster, statesman and civic activist. He invented electricity, the lightning rod, bifocals and the Franklin stove. Phew, right? He was also a nine-to-five man who took long lunches, had evening diversions and got seven hours of …Continue reading »

How to Stay Engaged at Work When Your Manager Isn’t

The unengaged boss.

We recently received a question on a LiquidPlanner blog about how project managers can get their team members more engaged. This inquiry is from the team member’s point of view. “My project manager seems disengaged lately. How can I become more engaged to compensate for this change? I value my job and want to succeed—but …Continue reading »

5 Reasons Clients Need Project Managers

Project management plans

Have you ever had to justify adding a project manager to the project? Adding a project management professional to a team to “just manage” the project is still a relatively new concept, if you consider that project management as a profession is still a young one. The Project Management Institute (PMI) was only founded in …Continue reading »

Should Your Team Go Agile? See Who Uses Agile to Manage Projects

Foxlike agility

  Who doesn’t want to move fast and have a foxlike agility that gives organizations a competitive advantage? More and more project teams in a variety of industries are embracing an Agile process as a better way to manage workflow and respond to a fast-changing market. Agile project management is a set of fast and …Continue reading »

3 Starter Tips to Use Dashboards Like a Pro

Dashboards header

Last week we introduced you to Dashboards, our new powerful project management feature that lets you share and access selected information. We also provided a few different ways you can use dashboards. This week, we’re going to show you basic tips to help you set up and use your dashboards to their full potential. 1. …Continue reading »

8 Signs You’re Ready for a Leadership Position


Would you like to move into a leadership position but are unsure if the time is right? If so, take a look at the indicators below. Even though every situation and leadership position is different, there are common signs that can help guide you. Count up how many of the descriptors below you can identify …Continue reading »