LiquidPlanner August Release: Your New Streamlined Edit Panel

edit panel

You’ve probably noticed that your Edit Panel has a new look and feel. What’s going on?We did a little updating and reorganizing for you. For one, we streamlined the design to increase visibility into the project fields that you use the most. We also wanted to give you a quicker and easier way to access …Continue reading »

LiquidPlanner Timesheet Updates: New Ways to Track and Organize Your Tasks


You’ve probably noticed that your LiquidPlanner Timesheet has a new look. Here’s what’s going on: We’ve streamlined the design to help you organize and filter your timesheet according to your needs. Instead of seeing a long list of task items on your timesheet, this updated functionality lets you choose what and how you see work …Continue reading »

5 Strategies for Managing a Growing Team

George Bernard Shaw famously said, “Progress is impossible without change.” While that may be true, managing a growing team—while exciting—also presents its challenges. Teams that have settled into a successful working rhythm often feel uncomfortable adding new members, or they’re exasperated by changes to their routines. New employees may feel anxious about how they integrate …Continue reading »

Throwing Fast Pitches and Running Bases at PSBJ’s Washington Best Workplaces Awards

Washington's Best Workplaces

Last night, the LiquidPlanner team attended Puget Sound Business Journal’s Washington’s Best Workplaces event at Safeco Field. We were honored to attend as one of 85 finalists out of 300 companies nominated. So, a group of us donned our LP shirts and went on down to the ball field to join the festivities. Here’s the …Continue reading »

Hot List: Priorities – How to Make Them and Keep Them


Priorities: We love them, we hate them; we need them and we struggle to achieve them. Being able to identify and execute on work that most matters to your business is crucial for success. If you’re a leader, how you prioritize goals affects your employee’s productivity. If you’re a project manager, you have to know …Continue reading »

LiquidPlanner Tip: Use Quick Filters to Find Workspace Items PRESTO!

quick filter

Tip: If you want to drill down into your workspace and quickly locate specific plan items, use the Quick Filter feature. It looks like a search bar but functions like a filter. You can use the Quick Filter from the Projects or My Work tab to locate items you want to find ASAP but are …Continue reading »

6 Tips for the Accidental Project Manager

accidental project manager

Like many others, you probably didn’t plan to get into project management, but fell into it, so to speak. You weren’t originally employed to do (or manage) project work, but with time you were asked to look after a couple of projects in addition to your regular responsibilities. You haven’t received much training—if any—and your …Continue reading »

10 Tips for Getting Your Project Back on Track

get your project on track

As we all know, few (if any) IT projects happen without running into issues. This is true for all kinds of projects. The larger and more complex the project plan, the more likely you are to hit a point where your project schedule falls short of delivering what it originally planned to. The reasons for …Continue reading »

Q&A With Megan Kiest-McFarland, LiquidPlanner’s New Senior Software Engineer


We’re thrilled to have such an insightful and personable new senior software engineer join LiquidPlanner! Read on to learn more about how Megan Kiest-McFarland starts her day, what she values in her co-workers and the scientific bent she brings to her culinary endeavors. Briefly describe an average work day at LiquidPlanner: When I come in, …Continue reading »

3 Ways New Teams Successfully Adopt LiquidPlanner


With our new Customer Success Organization, our main focus is to drive enhancements to both our product and the way we support our customers. As the leader of our Customer Success team, I speak to countless customers around the world to learn how they engage with our product. I look for the successes customers have, …Continue reading »