6 Ways to Improve Client Relations: Ingredients for Success and Happiness


“Cesar, we are not happy. We need to talk.” That’s what I heard once from a client when I was left alone with him after a meeting. Sometimes your clients will come out and tell you that they’re not satisfied with how you’re managing an agency project. Sometimes they’ll hint at it. Sometimes you can …Continue reading »

LiquidPlanner October Release: Home and My Work Join Forces


On October 4, you’ll notice some significant updates to your LiquidPlanner workspace—and we think you’re going to love them! These changes will affect the way you work, so we want to give you the details ahead of time. What’s new: To streamline your LP experience, we combined the most-used features from My Work and Home …Continue reading »

The world waits for no man—or woman: LiquidPlanner CEO Liz Pearce’s Interview with Popforms

liz pearce

LiquidPlanner CEO Liz Pearce was recently featured as Popforms’ Leader of the Week. In the following interview, Liz shares her story about how she went from being a graphic designer to the CEO of a project management software company. You can listen to the entire interview, or read the highlights here. Highlights of the interview …Continue reading »

Case Study: Inbound Marketing Agency Streamlines Resource Management with LiquidPlanner


Every marketing professional services firm—whether it’s a web design firm, an advertising agency, or a PR consultancy—at one point encounters the same challenge: how do you accurately forecast future work without hiring unnecessarily or laying people off when business temporarily slows down? Christina Griggs is the CFO for Inflow a growing inbound marketing agency based …Continue reading »

4 Top IT Project Management Disasters of All Time—and Their Lessons


When the IT project you management gets tagged “Top Priority,” you gain higher visibility in your company. Congratulations, and . . .  gulp—right? Even in the most successfully planned projects, there’s always a hiccup. And these prove to be the best learning tools. Whatever you run in to, be glad you weren’t in charge of …Continue reading »

Go Team Go! How to Create a Highly Engaged and Motivated Team

team motivation

Only three out of every 10 employees are fully engaged in their work, according to the Gallup organization’s State of the American Workplace: 2010-2012 report. Your team can do better than that! To help you create and achieve a highly engaged, motivated and productive team, here’s a list of tips on how to keep your team …Continue reading »

5 LiquidPlanner Tips and Tricks

liquidplanner tips and tricks

Looking for some LiquidPlanner tips and tricks to have in your back pocket? Check out these quick and easy hacks to better organize your projects, see your plan items and save views that are important to you: Need to find a plan item quickly? Type all or part of its name into the Quick filter. …Continue reading »

21 Project Management Hacks

There’s a lot to know—and do—to be a top-performing project manager. You have to be well-organized, see the big picture, be detail-oriented, manage resources, lead teams, know how to use planning tools, win the trust of clients and bring projects in on time. To name a few skills and responsibilities. But if you practice one …Continue reading »

5 Key Ways LiquidPlanner Helps You Manage Your Resources


Effective resource management is essential to the success of any project. As a busy project manager, you have enough to do keeping various plates spinning without wasting your precious time herding cats as well. In addition to the other benefits that an online project management tool brings, LiquidPlanner delivers a host of features that will …Continue reading »

Back-to-School Special: Project Management Tips for Successful Project Delivery


September marks the start of a new school year. As I dropped off my kids at the bus stop for their first day of the school, I thought about all the new experiences they would learn from in the new school year. My oldest will dissect his first frog while my youngest starts solving math …Continue reading »