What Books Have Influenced Your Career? A Labor Day Literary Special


In the spirit of Labor Day we’re taking a bow to all of our careers and the good, hard work we do to make a difference. None of us got here alone; there were mentors, teachers, parents, friends, bosses, colleagues—and a few key reads. Here’s a list of 21 books that made an impact on …Continue reading »

Q&A With Dana Silverman, LiquidPlanner’s Online Marketing Manager


LiquidPlanner’s new online marketing manager, Dana Silverman is a fan of “work smarter, not harder.” We like it! And, we’re thrilled to have his savvy know-how on our team. Read on to learn more about Dana’s productivity tips, a favorite book, and a what he does away from the office. Briefly describe an average work …Continue reading »

The Updated LiquidPlanner Help Tab

help tab

As part of our August release, we refreshed our in-app Help tab, to make it easier for customers to get what they need directly from their LiquidPlanner workspace. Whether you’re new to LiquidPlanner or you’ve been around the LP workspace block, you’ll probably have a question or some feedback at some point—and want to know …Continue reading »

4 Common IT Project Management Challenges and 4 Solutions


IT projects are notoriously difficult to manage, and failure is an all-too-common outcome. The right IT project management software can help manage the risk, but the odds of failure remain daunting. A 2012 study by McKinsey & Co. and the University of Oxford tells a cautionary tale of large IT projects that are severely troubled: …Continue reading »

Say What? Project Management Speak, Decoded

project management

Communication is one of the key reasons projects succeed or fail. And when team members or customers use a lot of business jargon, misunderstandings can escalate (especially if someone doesn’t stop to ask, “What do you mean, exactly?”). Here are some of my favorite “PM speak” phrases, what they really mean, and how to take …Continue reading »

Q&A With Robin Maher, LiquidPlanner’s New Program Manager


When Robin Maher visited LiquidPlanner for an informal conversation with our CEO Liz Pearce, she didn’t know she’d soon be working here. But—surprise!—that’s exactly what happened. Now, as our new program manager, Robin brings her deep knowledge base to various parts of the business all day long. Read on for more insights on how Robin …Continue reading »

9 Project Management Tips to Make Order out of Chaos

project management

Do you ever feel like you hold your project schedule hostage because you just can’t get your arms around your workload? It happens.  Even when we have our well-ordered processes, we sometimes fall off the organizational wagon. Instead of letting the tsunami of project planning take you down, practice these simple  project management tips to …Continue reading »

LiquidPlanner August Release: Your New Streamlined Edit Panel

edit panel

You’ve probably noticed that your Edit Panel has a new look and feel. What’s going on?We did a little updating and reorganizing for you. For one, we streamlined the design to increase visibility into the project fields that you use the most. We also wanted to give you a quicker and easier way to access …Continue reading »

LiquidPlanner Timesheet Updates: New Ways to Track and Organize Your Tasks


You’ve probably noticed that your LiquidPlanner Timesheet has a new look. Here’s what’s going on: We’ve streamlined the design to help you organize and filter your timesheet according to your needs. Instead of seeing a long list of task items on your timesheet, this updated functionality lets you choose what and how you see work …Continue reading »

5 Strategies for Managing a Growing Team

George Bernard Shaw famously said, “Progress is impossible without change.” While that may be true, managing a growing team—while exciting—also presents its challenges. Teams that have settled into a successful working rhythm often feel uncomfortable adding new members, or they’re exasperated by changes to their routines. New employees may feel anxious about how they integrate …Continue reading »