A Preview of Next Week’s Interop Las Vegas


If you haven’t heard by now, we’ll be attending Interop next week, a fabulously large IT conference. This year it’s in Las Vegas and we can’t wait! There are a few key themes we’re noticing that will be part of the conference. Here’s a sampling of what to expect in Vegas next week: IT automation …Continue reading »

7 Essential Skills for Project Teams

project teams

There’s a big focus on the skills that apply to individual project managers and contributors. But what about your project team as a whole? Your team needs to possess some essential skills in order to ensure their productivity, sanity, and the successful delivery of projects. Project teams are generally comprised of a variety of specialists …Continue reading »

Raising the Profile of Project Management in Your Organization

project management

Project managers know that good project management practices help organizations achieve better results with tighter cost control and a stronger focus on managing risk. In business terms, project management helps you deliver more with less. You know that. But do people higher up the organization understand it in the same way? The role of project …Continue reading »

3 of the Longest Construction Projects in History


Think your project is taking foreeever? On this Friday after tax day we breathe deeply and dig into the vaults of history for some perspective. And guess what—we found some projects that really did take for-freakin’-ever. Historical, unfathomable, magnificent. These monuments were built with no project management software. No Gantt charts, scheduling methodologies or scrum …Continue reading »

5 Methods of Project Estimation

project estimation

Estimating projects is hard. Why? Because the only time you know precisely how long it takes to complete a project is when it’s done. Up to the point of delivery, teams use educated guesswork to predict the future. And the bigger and more complex a project is, the hazier that future is. Faulty estimates mean …Continue reading »

5 Considerations for Managing Large IT Projects

If you’re embarking on a large technology project, there’s a lot at stake. IT projects are technically challenging and can easily go on for more than 10 or 12 months. Team members are highly specialized and are often spread between different locations and across time zones. According to a McKinsey & Company article, “Delivering large-scale …Continue reading »

Advice for the First-Time IT Project Manager

first-time IT project managers

Are you an IT professional who was just given the opportunity to move into a project management role? You’re not alone. In many organizations, this is the logical next step on the career path. While this transition from a purely technical role to a manager of a team/project can seem daunting, we’ve got a few …Continue reading »

Share Your Story: How Kiefaber & Oliva LLP Increased Turn-Around Time and Improved Future Planning


We have the most amazing customers. They number in the thousands, span the globe and do state-of-the-art work in a variety of industries, always on the cutting edge. To hear more of their success stories, and how they manage projects using LiquidPlanner, we started Share Your Story—a place where customers like you can quickly and …Continue reading »

5 “Game of Thrones” Lessons for Project Managers

game of thrones project management lessons

Winter is coming ladies and gentlemen. Winter is coming! In just a few short days, the twisted plots, betrayals and subterfuge across the Seven Kingdoms will unfold in the fifth Game of Thrones season. If you’re a fellow GoT fan, you’re well aware of the political and strategic anglings that make the show so addictive. …Continue reading »