LiquidPlanner Update: Your New Analytics Tab

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Happy Thanksgiving to all of you who are celebrating this week! We want to let you know about some updates we’ve made to the Analytics tab. These changes are mainly around navigation and design, intended to optimize the way managers access information and reports. Read on for the details. What’s new in Analytics. We’ve updated …Continue reading »

9 Ways to Up Your Project Management Game


There’s enough going on every day at work that sometimes just getting things done is a full-time job. However, in order to make a meaningful difference to the projects you work on and to your career, you need to keep honing your skills. An added bonus: learning keeps us from getting bored and stuck in …Continue reading »

10 Reasons to Be Thankful for Project Managers


If you’re reading this blog, chances are that you either are a project manager or you work closely with one. And it’s probably not a secret that project managers are often seen as the type of people who are rigid and overly concerned with following processes and sticking to the plan. This popular YouTube video …Continue reading »

Q&A With Brooke Williamson, LiquidPlanner’s New Product Advisor


The sales team is enormously happy to welcome Brooke Williamson to the group. She’s a go-getter, whip-smart and brings an energetic collaborative approach to our organization. Read on to learn more about Brooke’s favorite books, how she stays focused and what makes her happy at work. LP: Briefly describe an average work day for you …Continue reading »

[Video] LiquidPlanner Feature We Love – Following Plan Items


From time to time we like to tell you about the features we LPers love about our project planning software—LiquidPlanner features that make our work lives so much more productive, efficient and fun. Most recently we cornered asked Marketing Writer and blog editor Tatyana Sussex about her favorite feature. Watch this video to see how …Continue reading »

How Project Managers Succeed in a Changing Marketing Industry

project managers

Marketing is changing. Well, really it’s already changed. Where once marketing managers had to scrounge data from monthly reports, project leads are now inundated with data from numerous sources inside the same department. Three online marketing project challenges First, consider the challenge of correctly structuring a website’s architecture so that Google can appropriately index your …Continue reading »

How to Be Productive When You’re Overwhelmed

how to be productive

Does this ever happen to you? It’s a perfectly good morning, there’s a warm beverage, your cozy workspace, your projects are all under control and then—BAM! Upon closer inspection you have a small tsunami of prioritized work to get through in the next couple of weeks. It doesn’t help that your holiday season to-do list …Continue reading »

How to Use LiquidPlanner to Track Profitability

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Are your projects making money? Every business need to earn a profit to stay in business—that’s a given. And along the way, it helps to have a project management tool that can show you your profit margins (or lacktherof). LiquidPlanner gives you those dollar figures that tell you how you’re doing financially—provided you’ve entered all …Continue reading »

All Aboard! How to Write Your Team Collaboration Manifesto

team collaboration

Getting your team to adopt a new online collaboration platform has its challenges. Issues around culture, user experience and governance are common speed bumps. For example, employees might squirrel away secret stashes of project documents and business knowledge, in hopes of protecting their jobs, especially during troubled economies. The email inbox, however, remains the common …Continue reading »

9 Tips to Become a More Effective Delegator


Delegating is one of the quickest ways to perform your job better. When you effectively delegate work, you can do more strategic work and focus on what really matters and less on non-essential matters. Plus, most of your team members want more responsibility—it’s essential to their job growth. Everyone wins. But where do you start, …Continue reading »