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LiquidPlanner Included Among “Vendors of Interest” in Forrester Report

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LiquidPlanner was recently mentioned in a March 2014 Forrester Research report that finds a growing need for portfolio management among companies that want to stand out from the competition, be clear about their strategy and able to execute. “PPM tools have been a potential solution to these needs for some time,” says the report, “but successful adoption was limited to project-based companies or those with very mature operational processes. The situation is starting to change.

9 Steps to Plan and Manage a Schedule with Confidence

confidence in your project plan

Are you confident in your project plan?

Does your plan realistically forecast future dates or are you using “pick-a-date” task management?

Is the plan up to date? Are you even following a plan?

Project managers answer these questions with varying degrees of certainty. Some project schedules are built once and then left untouched on the file server. Others are meticulously maintained in an effort to keep up with actual project progress.

7 Steps to Improve Collaboration on Your Team

team collaboration

Effective collaboration achieves what no single team member can on her own. As business magnate Richard Branson said, “A business has to be involving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creative instincts.”  The best collaborations do this—optimize each person’s skills by utilizing suggestions from around the table, inspiring cooperation and creative buy-in from all involved.

Here are seven effective ways to create stronger team collaboration.

Aggregate and adapt:  Any good project manager will bring ideas and plans to the table.

11 Ways to Build on the Strengths of Your Team Members

Team strengths

In a past blog, “7 Ways to Get Your Team Members More Engaged,” one key suggestion was to focus on and develop employees’ strengths. I was asked a follow-up question on how to do this. Here, I’ll talk about how project managers and team leaders can build on their team members’ strengths.

Project Managers are the ones best positioned to recognize the strengths of a team. And managers can empower employees to discover and develop their strengths and then position them in roles where they can excel. To start, let’s look at why it matters.

Q&A With Steven Jackson—LiquidPlanner’s New Product Advisor

Steven Jackson

We feel pretty darn lucky about our new Product Advisor, Steven Jackson who touts an impressive career. Steven has spent years working in Enterprise IT for cloud-based products and he’s managed projects across several countries for clients in Europe. Now, he helps LiquidPlanner customers see the value of adapting our methodology. Read on to learn more about Steven—and to get some insight into his own impressively organized way of working.

LP: Briefly describe an average work day for you at LiquidPlanner.

How to Manage Plan Changes Using LiquidPlanner

project changes

When your team is fully up to speed on using LiquidPlanner, your workspace will become a very dynamic collaboration platform where many updates will be captured, tracked and discussed.

Traditional planning systems are very static, typically out of date and hard to trust. Conversely, LiquidPlanner’s real-time approach means that schedules are always being trued up, and notifications and alerts will always be in play to keep people informed.

5 Tips to Build Confidence in Yourself as a Project Manager

confident project manager

Confidence is something we all crave—and with good reason. When you’re confident in your abilities as a project management professional, it becomes easier to do great work. It also becomes easier to build excellent relationships, to steer projects in the right direction, and to empower your team. When you’re confident in your abilities, you stop focusing on yourself and acquire the energy to tune into people around you which means excelling at collaboration and teamwork.

How to Prioritize Work When Everything’s #1

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Being able to prioritize your work effectively is critical to the success of your project, your company and your career. But let’s face it—staying on top of your most important priorities can feel like a game of tail-chasing.

On one hand, it’s easy to fall into the rut of crying “top priority” for every other project that comes down the pike, spreading yourself too thin. And on the other hand, if you’re following a more rigid plan, you could be stuck working on tasks that were yesterday’s priorities.

Collaboration Nation Palo Alto

Last night, we hosted Collaboration Nation in Palo Alto. This event brought together an intimate group of LiquidPlanner customers and friends to meet one another, share stories, and discuss how they use LiquidPlanner to transform their businesses and accomplish their goals.

Between light bites and drinks, there were a variety of presentations that included: talks about the future of LiquidPlanner; a customer panel discussion about how using LP affects businesses, and an overview of how LP’s integrations make teams more collaborative.

Info-Tech Names LiquidPlanner As the Mid-Market PPM “Innovator”

We’re thrilled to be featured in “Vendor Landscape: Mid-Market Project Portfolio Management (PPM).” The report, aimed at mid-market organizations looking for a project management solution, offers an overview of eight online vendors who provide collaborative project portfolio management and have a strong market and/or reputational presence among enterprises.

Winning as innovators

Within the vendor landscape, LP was recognized in the Innovator’s quadrant.