Which NFL Coach Would You Want to Work For?

We’re big football fans here at LiquidPlanner. More than a few folks wear a favored NFL jersey to work on Fridays in preparation for Sunday’s Seahawks games . We don’t want to be biased here, but we do have a promising team this year. (Go hawks!)


Still, we like to take a big view on the world. And so we wonder about things while hollering at the TV on Sundays with our frosty glasses of favorite beverages and chips & dip, like:

Which coach would make the best boss?

Here’s a list of testimonials we collected around the office based on three coaches:

  • Pete Carroll (Seattle Seahawks)
  • Bill Belichick (New England Patriots)
  • Jim Harbaugh (San Francisco 49ers)

(And, yes we admit to a teeny tiny bias)

Pete Carroll Seahawks

Pete Carroll – Image via Seattle PI

Pete Carroll testimonials:

“Pete Carroll exudes a fun and exciting energy, and obviously has an excellent instinct for building a strong organization as his Seahawks are poised to absolutely wreck every other team in the NFL en route to a Super Bowl victory.”

“When asked to describe his philosophy, Carroll replied: ‘It’s about being the very best you can be. Nothing else matters as long as you’re working and striving to be your best. Always compete. It’s truly that simple. Find the way to do your best. Compete in everything you do.’ That’s who I want to work for.”

“It looks like Pete Carroll has put the Seahawks on the right track this year, so if he has a winning record then  that’s who I want to be managing the project. Stick with the winners!”

I could stare at Richard Gere all day  ;).”

bill-belichick patriots

Bill Belichick – Image via americanfootballfilms.com

Belichick testimonials:

“Belichick shows humility both in losses and wins.”

“I’d work for Bill Belichick, because he wins.”

Jim Harbaugh 49ers

Jim Harbaugh – Image via blogs.kansas.com

Harbaugh testimonials:

“Um… no.”


Outlier testimonials:

“I vote self-employed!”


OK, hit us with your vote for best coach-boss for PM job in the Comments box below.

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3 thoughts on “Which NFL Coach Would You Want to Work For?”

  1. Ben Abeln

    Pretty tough decision out of those three. In my opinion Bill Belichick gets eliminated from this conversation first, Bill is known for being ruthless,having no compassion and not giving any of his employees/players any respect unless you’re the golden boy Tom Brady. He is practically the Wal Mart of the NFL. Jim Harbaugh gets elminated next. We all know someone in our lives that is just too passionate about every thing and situation to the point that it becomes annoying and Jim is that guy. Harbaugh is the boss that will call you on weekend to see if you want to hit the downtown scene with him and as his employee, you know you cant refuse. But once you go out with him you quickly realize that the man is impossible to please and you will live your entire career trying to find ways to one up what you did the weekend prior. Although Carroll might be the worst person of this bunch because he has shown he has no morality, he would be the most fun person to work under because he wouldn’t care what you did or how you did it as long as you have performed well.

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