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Modern teams need a fast, streamlined way to manage their work. Our unique approach offers an easy alternative to Microsoft Project and can be used by just about anyone – traditionally-trained project teams, agile teams, or even teams that use ad-hoc processes. LiquidPlanner customers report an average of 16 hours saved per month due to automation.

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Project Scheduling
& Organization

Easy, dynamic structures for working with all your projects in one view. Realistic scheduling based on priority and best-case, worst-case estimates.
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Team Planning
& Coordination

All the tools you need to make sure your team is working on the right things at the right time. Distribute tasks, balance workloads, and more.
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Project Analytics
& Reporting

Real-time, project intelligence for understanding team efficiency, resource loads, project profitability, projected hours, and more.
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Notifications, Commenting,
& Document Sharing

Move project collaboration out of email and into a shared system that automatically organizes and archives documents and comments.
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Time Tracking
& Approval

Frictionless time tracking for billing or reporting. Team members log time and submit weekly timesheets for manager review and approval.
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Native Mobile Apps for
iOS & Android

Mobile apps focused on the most common features that project managers and team members need on the go. View comments, check to-dos, and log time.
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87% of LiquidPlanner customers expect to use the tool at least as often as when they first began using it, and 75% of those same customers use LiquidPlanner on a daily basis.

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