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Why LiquidPlanner

Predictive schedules

Predictive Schedules, Always Updated

Only LiquidPlanner creates schedules automatically based on project priorities and predicts through dynamic calculations the most likely completion dates of all your projects. Simply prioritize work for your team and get a realistic picture of when it will get done. As priorities shift, you’ll instantly see the impact of changes in your business.

Best-case, worst-case estimates

Best Case/Worst Case Estimates

Every technology project involves some amount of uncertainty. Only LiquidPlanner lets you capture it. Estimate a realistic range of time to complete tasks and LiquidPlanner calculates when you’re likely to complete your work. It takes your availability, vacations and priorities into account, so you can trust your schedule.

Dashboard portfolio

Portfolio-Level Planning

LiquidPlanner’s flexible structure allows you to organize and prioritize hundreds of IT projects and tasks in a single view. From high-level, long-range planning to up-to-the-minute execution, we have you covered. Build and manage a pipeline of pending, approved and active projects, and analyze your portfolio to get deep insight into resource requirements, costs and profits.

Workload Intelligence

Workload Intelligence

Ensuring that everyone on your IT team has just the right amount of work isn’t always easy. LiquidPlanner’s cutting-edge technology incorporates your team’s workload, so it’s impossible to overbook people. Know in an instant who’s working on what and when it will be delivered. No more surprises.

How it works


Improve the way you manage your IT projects through the world’s only predictive project management software. Never over book your team, always see the risk in your plan and drive growth for your business.

Time Tracking

Track Your Time

Track time across projects, tasks and portfolios. Set timers to record as you go or jot down hours on recently completed work. Full timesheet workflow built-in for managers and team members.


Collaborate With Context

All conversations in LiquidPlanner are connected to tasks so everything has context. Follow the tasks that you care about most or drill down to the comments on your biggest project.


Gain Visibility & Insight

Your project workspace holds a wealth of business intelligence. Use Dashboards & Reports to enhance your visibility into your entire project portfolio. Answer your CEO’s questions before they’re asked.


Connect to What You Use

Integrate with the tools you already use. We support a host of integrations from Salesforce to Dropbox to Zapier. Our RESTful API allows you to connect many additional services to our application.


Use on Any Device

Manage a portfolio of IT projects from your office, home and the palm of your hand—anywhere, anytime.

Available online, on iOS and Android.

File Sharing

Share Any File

You can upload and easily share virtually any type of file in your LiquidPlanner workspace. Photos, documents and PDFs are attached to plan items, meaning less time scouring through email to find missing files.

Thousands of companies across 50 countries rely on LiquidPlanner to conquer complex projects and optimize their resources.

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