Mobile Project Management

Manage projects on the go with LiquidPlanner iOS and Android apps.

“I’d been searching high and low for a good planning product and this has been perfect – especially with the iPad app.”

Cindy Couture, Grad School Student

These days, our work increasingly takes us into the field and away from our desktops – and we can’t afford to lose touch with ongoing projects. LiquidPlanner’s mobile apps lets you manage a portfolio of projects from the palm of your hand – anywhere, anytime. You can access essential planning and scheduling functions such as: updating progress, collaborating with team members, commenting and making checklists, assigning tasks, and browsing projects. (You can now create new projects, packages and tasks on your iPhone and iPad.) Pull out the mobile version of LP when you’re visiting clients, on an airplane or whenever a genius idea springs to mind.

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Key Features

Key Mobile Platforms
With LiquidPlanner’s mobile applications, you can manage projects on your iPhone, iPad or Android device. Stay connected when you’re away from your desk, whether traveling or working remotely. Available from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Essential Functions
LiquidPlanner mobile apps focus on the most needed features for today’s mobile work styles. Browse projects, participate in comment streams, view your tasks, track time, edit or create new tasks, view attached files and more. Now, iPhone and iPad have even more features with the latest LiquidPlanner 4.0 iOS update.


For Project Managers

Never feel out of touch with your projects again, whether you’re visiting a client, popping into a colleague’s office or commuting on public transit. Stay connected to your project team in real time, while on the go.

For Team Members

Instead of bringing your laptop to meetings, use your smartphone or tablet computer to access project details and task updates. Work remotely when visiting a client or business partner, or when an emergency calls you home – without skipping a beat.

For Stakeholders

From a customer’s office to an airport layover, keep current with critical projects as they approach delivery dates. Your company will become indispensable to clients as they rely on you to have important updated information right at your fingertips.