Planning intelligence for smart projects

LiquidPlanner is the only project management software that predicts when work will be done, enabling high-performing teams to schedule, track and manage collaborative work.

liquidplanner smart planning for complex projects

When will your projects be done?

With Planning Intelligence, you’ll always know the answer to the question when? And with our new product comes a new pricing model. Lower prices for everyone and volume pricing for large teams.

Automatic Scheduling

Scheduling that really works and adapts to change in real time. The predictive scheduling engine runs thousands of simulations to continuously provide the most realistic schedule forecast possible.

Smart Projects

Planning intelligence reveals the story in your project data to increase confidence and identify problems earlier.  Whether together or remote, everyone will feel connected to the plan.

Start small then grow

10 people can plan 3 small projects on the FREE PLAN

Smart Estimation

Managing uncertainty is hard work. Ranged estimates capture uncertainty and solve this problem. The result, a living schedule which visualizes risk, opportunities and workload.


Smart Prioritization

LiquidPlanner aligns people, priorities and projects.  Work is always organized and automatic resource-leveling ensures no one is overloaded.

Smart Tracking

Time tracking comes built-in.  Changes are recorded automatically, and schedules adjusted in real-time. See farther into the future and know where the time really goes.


Intelligent Insights

Actionable insights are surfaced to drive decisions at the right time.  Schedules, task boards, workloads and dashboards are ready to go for every project.