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Announcing LiquidPlanner 2.0

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SEATTLE—February 23, 2009—LiquidPlanner, the first online project management software that enables teams to capture and manage uncertainty, today launched version 2.0 of its groundbreaking online project management solution, bringing new collaboration and advanced planning capabilities to its subscribers. The first online project management service to incorporate statistical math and ranged estimates to generate more accurate schedules, LiquidPlanner 2.0 embraces the latest web technologies to help teams coordinate, communicate, and conquer their most ambitious project plans.

“LiquidPlanner has transformed our project management efforts by providing us with a single source that helps keep all of our stakeholders on the same page and working together more effectively,” said Daniel Smith, senior project manager at iContact. “With crucial development timelines to meet, it became evident that we required a collaborative approach to managing our projects. LiquidPlanner provides us with a robust project management system for our team.”

Since launching the beta version of the service in January 2008, nearly 25,000 individuals have registered with LiquidPlanner and have logged nearly two million estimates. While organizations like Philips, AOL, and Sequoia Capital have adopted LiquidPlanner, hundreds of smaller companies have embraced the “Liquid Approach” to better manage the uncertainty in their own project initiatives.

Some of the new features in LiquidPlanner 2.0 include the following:

  • Stay Current with Workspace Chatter. Microblogging services like Twitter and Yammer provide a compelling communication paradigm, enabling individuals to communicate in bite-sized conversational messages with their peers. LiquidPlanner’s new “Workspace Chatter” feature provides all project members with a dashboard-based chat application where they can comment about specific tasks, ask general questions, or solicit feedback on ideas—providing a coordinated communication framework that is fully integrated into their project plan.
  • Integrated Time Tracking. LiquidPlanner 2.0 enables teams to track their time within the context of the project plan, providing individual team members with a simple way to record their time as well as a vehicle for managers to understand how their resources are being utilized. Timesheets can be easily exported into QuickBooks and other popular export formats, billing codes can be assigned, and users can document their time in increments according to their preference (i.e., minutes, hours, days, etc.).
  • Rich Reporting Views. New reporting features enable teams to gather deep information on how their project schedules have shifted over time, including target dates and estimated completion dates. Time tracking reports can provide visibility into the relative breakdown of project tasks and overhead tasks by resource, as well as detailed information on the types of activities associated with single tasks.
  • Enhanced Customization. Schedules become fine-tuned with users’ ability to manage and customize their user and workspace settings, including weekly schedule availability and preferred units of time. Email integration preferences allow teams to select the level of communication into and out of LiquidPlanner that works for them.

“Since launching the LiquidPlanner beta just over a year ago, we’ve learned a tremendous amount about the dynamics of project management and how a new generation of collaboration technologies can help teams meet their business objectives,” said Charles Seybold, cofounder and CEO of LiquidPlanner. “LiquidPlanner is social project management for teams that want to empower their people to get things done, not constantly task and badger them. By combining advanced project management functionality with smart collaboration capabilities, LiquidPlanner puts people at the center of the project management equation.”

About LiquidPlanner

LiquidPlanner was founded in 2006 by Charles Seybold and Jason Carlson, former senior managers at LiquidPlanner was born from their vision to create a new project management paradigm, one that helps teams manage complex projects in an ever-changing business landscape. Built on a patent-pending scheduling engine, LiquidPlanner was designed to be flexible, intuitive, and smart enough to support fast-moving teams of all sizes and structures. The company is privately held and headquartered in Bellevue, Washington. More information can be found at