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Introducing LiquidPlanner

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SEATTLE—January 28, 2008—The nature of projects has changed dramatically over the past decade—projects have grown more complex, rely on resources distributed around the globe, and have much shorter cycle times. However, the tools used to manage modern projects have simply not evolved — which is why the vast majority of projects fail to be delivered on time, disrupting product development schedules that impact the bottom line. To meet the demands of a new generation of project managers, a new company called LiquidPlanner ( will be unveiling its groundbreaking on-demand project management service at the DEMO conference today in Palm Desert.

“We named the company LiquidPlanner because it accurately describes the true nature of projects in the Internet age – fluid, dynamic, and constantly shifting,” said Charles Seybold, CEO and co-founder of LiquidPlanner. “Our team has collectively spent decades overseeing complex projects, so we understand firsthand the challenges that project managers face today and why an entirely new approach is needed — one that transcends the largely ineffective toolset that currently exists.”

Founders Charles Seybold and Jason Carlson, who together spent almost 20 years at Expedia, Inc., envisioned an on-demand project management service designed to work the way people work – an approach that unites improved analytics with a social collaboration framework. Whereas traditional project management tools rely on simple math to generate schedules, LiquidPlanner has developed a patent-pending scheduling engine that uses advanced statistical modeling to determine the probability of completing tasks on time. This innovative approach promises to help teams in a broad array of disciplines – from software development and IT management to marketing and creative services– realize new efficiencies in their project management process.

“The reason most projects fail is not poor planning but rather the fact that managers and their teams don’t have the right tools at their disposal,” said Jason Carlson, vice president of engineering and co-founder of LiquidPlanner. “Uncertainty is the proverbial elephant in the corner when it comes to building complex project schedules – project managers acknowledge its existence but don’t have a way to manage it as a part of their plans. LiquidPlanner enables project managers and their teams to literally see the points at which a project is most likely to break down and address those issues before the schedule gets derailed.”

LiquidPlanner has been privately funded since March 2006. The LiquidPlanner team is currently 11 individuals strong and includes technology veterans from, Microsoft, Google, Intel, and Advisors to the company include Bill Bryant, Murat Divringi, and Barney Harford, all business and technology veterans who provide LiquidPlanner with strategic insights and product development expertise.

About LiquidPlanner

LiquidPlanner was founded in 2006 by Charles Seybold and Jason Carlson, former senior managers at LiquidPlanner was born from their vision to create a new project management paradigm, one that helps teams manage complex projects in an ever-changing business landscape. Built on a patent-pending scheduling engine, LiquidPlanner was designed to be flexible, intuitive, and smart enough to support fast-moving teams of all sizes and structures. The company is privately held and headquartered in Bellevue, Washington. More information can be found at

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