LiquidPlanner 3.0 Delivers Radically Simple Online Project Management

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Seattle—June 13, 2011—LiquidPlanner today announces LiquidPlanner 3.0, the game-changing online project management software that raises the bar for simplicity and team productivity. The LiquidPlanner 3.0 design and integrated social features are reminiscent of the iPad, Facebook, and Twitter; combined, they create a dynamic collaboration experience that goes way beyond traditional project management tools. LiquidPlanner is also extending its innovative priority-based scheduling system with a new “Packaging” capability, which makes the juggling of dozens of projects easy by providing both macro-prioritization of projects and micro-prioritization of individual tasks.

“There is a social design revolution going on in business software. Just like we learned to design cars around drivers, we are learning to design collaboration software around teams. This effect is accelerating as a new generation of project managers who prefer Facebook and iPads over Microsoft Project start to gain more influence in the workplace,” said Charles Seybold, LiquidPlanner co-founder and CEO. “LiquidPlanner 3.0 is focused on social project management — it’s about people working together to get things done.”

LiquidPlanner 3.0 uses universally-familiar actions to allow anyone (even those without formal project management training) to manage projects professionally:

  • Like playlists, shuffle tasks to create “hot” to-do lists that are scheduled automatically
  • Like Facebook and Twitter, post relevant and integrated comments, documents, links and more
  • Like Smartphone apps, drag n’ drop priorities and projects

With its enhanced social environment, team members can easily update progress, chat about project status, share files, track time, and more. For example, every individual update cascades through the system, which dynamically updates multiple project schedules and dashboards in real-time. In turn, these more-reliable schedules provide managers with key resource management insights.

“Our goal is to make it possible for project managers to stay looped in to the minute-by-minute progress, roadblocks and shifting conditions that impact teams,” continued Seybold. “LiquidPlanner provides transparency and lets every team member act as the project manager of their own work. Consequently, the quality of the plan goes way up and project leaders get the information they need to make better decisions.”

LiquidPlanner 3.0 enables teams to operate more efficiently and collaboratively through a central project/portfolio environment, where they can:

  • Distribute project administration work across the team, freeing up project managers to focus on strategic and operational challenges;
  • Become more proactive through better transparency into work assignments, key dates, and team priorities;
  • Have fewer meetings and less email as status updates and communication are centralized and archived for reporting and analysis;
  • Make more money, by focusing teams on the work that will have the biggest impact on the bottom line.

LiquidPlanner’s bottom-up environment (with its constant information exchange and transparency) is the way of life for Tangent Engineering. “Our engineers know best how long a project will take, so all hours and estimates are driven by the active participants in the project. Instead of having ‘project robots,’ we put the onus of ownership on them, and the results are better follow-through.” Since using LiquidPlanner, Person estimates that Tangent has seen a 30-40% increase in the number of projects it can handle.

In a recent interview with Xconomy, “Crossing the Chasm” author and venture capitalist Geoffrey Moore said, “The next big wave of investment in enterprise IT will be around this consumerization of enterprise IT. And it’ll be around, in particular, helping companies communicate, coordinate, and collaborate across company boundaries.”

About LiquidPlanner

LiquidPlanner online project management delivers on the promise of collaborative planning to improve team performance. LiquidPlanner provides a shared framework for goal-setting and the ability to more transparently communicate task and project status, while intelligently and efficiently aggregating information and data for managers. By optimizing employee productivity around prioritized tasks, companies can more efficiently meet corporate and strategic objectives that positively impact bottom-lines. To sign up for free 14-day trial, view product information, or check out a product tour please visit Follow LiquidPlanner on Facebook and Twitter.

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