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LiquidPlanner 4.3 Release Bridges Gap Between Task & Project Management

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Seattle—March 26, 2013—Today, LiquidPlanner—developer of the industry’s only priority-based, predictive project management solution—announced the addition of features designed to dramatically improve team performance and collaboration. Now checklists can be added to any task in LiquidPlanner so that all individual steps can easily be listed and crossed off as they’re completed. Checklist items can be reordered by dragging and dropping, copied between tasks, or assigned to other team members who need to review or approve the work.

“Checklists are the ultimate Swiss Army Knife for project teams,” said Liz Pearce, LiquidPlanner CEO. “They can be used for quality control, new hire training, tracking individual to-do lists, managing repeatable processes, and much more. By capturing the steps that go into tasks in simple checklists, teams can simplify their project plans and—at the same time—better ensure that the work is being done right.”

The new release also includes a complete overhaul of key collaboration features. Comments are now threaded (like Facebook) instead of streamed in date order (like Twitter), so conversations can be followed more easily. Conversation threads can be filtered by client, project, or team. Customers can also choose which types of activities or events (such as adding documents or marking items done) trigger an email notification, which drastically improves the signal-to-noise ratio of email alerts.

While many PPM solutions brush off simple task management in favor of more robust scheduling and resource management features, LiquidPlanner is committed to serving the needs of both individual contributors and managers with its dynamic solution.

“To help companies be successful, Social Task Management vendors must boost employee productivity with simple task tracking and allow for more comprehensive resource planning,” said Alan Lepofsky, VP and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research. “By using predictive scheduling and time tracking in combination with lightweight checklists, teams get the best of both worlds.”

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LiquidPlanner is the industry’s only priority-based, predictive project management solution designed to execute millions of schedule calibrations over the course of a project. Through automated scheduling and integrated collaboration, LiquidPlanner radically simplifies the way people approach project management. It utilizes a cutting-edge scheduling engine to crunch tens of thousands of data points behind the scenes, allowing for real-time, statistically accurate schedules across entire portfolios of projects. The result is a solution that allows teams to handle the real complexities of today’s workplace and offers managers deeper, more accurate insights into their projects, automatically conducting analysis that would otherwise take project management teams weeks to accomplish manually. For more information go to, or follow LiquidPlanner on Facebook or on Twitter at @liquidplanner.

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