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LiquidPlanner 4 Delivers Simplified Project Management

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Bellevue—December 11, 2012—Today, LiquidPlanner—developer of the industry’s only priority-based, predictive project management solution—announced the fourth generation of its product: LiquidPlanner 4. The new version has more than 50 design changes that improve the overall user experience and reduce the time it takes to manage projects. Highlighted features of the latest release include a complete redesign of the individual and project portfolio views, a dedicated inbox, and dynamic status reports for people and projects. These enhancements, combined with LiquidPlanner’s leading priority-based scheduling engine, simplify management of complex projects so teams can get more done using their existing resources.

“Today’s project teams are more collaborative than ever before,” said LiquidPlanner Chief Executive Officer, Liz Pearce. “The project plan is no longer just the domain of trained project managers—now, every single team member is making updates, checking status, and setting priorities in the system. With that in mind, our entire focus with this release was simplification.”

LiquidPlanner4 is completely redesigned to help teams to quickly access, update, and act on critical project information. Usability analysis shows the new version can reduce the time required to set up a new project by up to 60 percent. With these advancements, LiquidPlanner 4 will become the company’s platform for future innovation and new social productivity features.

The key features of LiquidPlanner 4 include:

  • A full redesign of the project portfolio view – All menus, views, navigation, filters, and options were streamlined and simplified to minimize context switching. The editing experience was overhauled to reduce clicks and screen load time and to make better use of screen real estate. A new integrated Inbox was also added to facilitate the processing of new tasks and issues that impact the project team.
  • A brand new ‘My Work’ section – Redesigned from the ‘My Tasks’ page, the new section allows users to view all their individual tasks and priorities, make updates, and comment and share documents in a single view, eliminating the need to navigate through different sections of the application.
  • A new ‘Status Report’ section –Dynamic reports—showing both the bird’s eye view of project projections as well as the individual tasks and workload—make the oversight of projects easier than ever before.

“LiquidPlanner has already increased our ability to predict timelines and the new version will make managing complex projects even easier with fewer clicks required to access critical information,” Nathan Veer, Web Producer at Joyce Meyer Ministries. “Now, I can use the new, cleaner interface to see all project data I need at one time without changing views.”

LiquidPlanner is available immediately as a cloud service. For pricing and additional information about LiquidPlanner 4, please visit

About LiquidPlanner:

LiquidPlanner is the industry’s only priority-based, predictive project management solution designed to execute millions of schedule calibrations over the course of a project. Through automated scheduling and integrated collaboration, LiquidPlanner radically simplifies the way people approach project management. It utilizes a cutting-edge scheduling engine to crunch tens of thousands of data points behind the scenes, allowing for real-time, statistically accurate schedules across entire portfolios of projects. The result is a solution that allows teams to handle the real complexities of today’s workplace and offers managers deeper, more accurate insights into their projects, automatically conducting analysis that would otherwise take project management teams weeks to accomplish manually. For more information go to, or follow LiquidPlanner on Facebook or on Twitter at @liquidplanner.

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