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LiquidPlanner Introduces “Project Portals” to Help Keep Client Projects on Track

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Seattle—June 2, 2009—LiquidPlanner, online project management for today’s collaborative enterprise, today announced the introduction of their new Project Portals feature, which enables creative agencies, consulting practices, and professional service organizations to create and share an unlimited number of project plans with their clients. LiquidPlanner’s Project Portals provides the same deep collaboration features as simple online task collaboration systems like Basecamp but takes them to the next level by backing them up with advanced project management software that includes an innovative scheduling engine, professional time tracking, and portfolio management.

“Online task management systems like Basecamp are great for collaboration and basic task management, but many users end up hitting a wall when they realize that they need more horsepower to get a true grip on their projects,” said Charles Seybold, co-founder and CEO of LiquidPlanner. “For agencies and firms with dozens of clients, being able to share and collaborate on different projects from a centralized plan will make their teams more productive. With the introduction of Project Portals, companies no longer have to choose between client collaboration and robust project management.”

With Project Portals, LiquidPlanner subscribers can easily create and share their project plans with an unlimited number of clients – all at no additional cost. Some of the new features in Project Portals include:

  • Front-end View of the Project – Clients who are invited into a LiquidPlanner Project Portal will get a streamlined view of the project plan broken down into basic categories like project status, task lists, comments, and files; even those clients unfamiliar with project management software will be able to collaborate via the Project Portal.
  • Integrated Micro-Blogging – Enjoy Twitter? Teams can use LiquidPlanner’s micro-blogging feature to stay on the same page with each other and with their clients. LiquidPlanner’s ‘Workplace Chatter’ feature is integrated within the project plan itself so all related comments are captured in one central place
  • Centralized File Storage – LiquidPlanner allows teams to store an almost unlimited amount of data connected with a project plan (up to 50GB per account), providing teams with a central repository for all key project documents and supporting materials (i.e., images, pdf’s, etc.). Workspace members and clients alike can upload and access shared documentation.
  • Customized Portals – LiquidPlanner users can customize the portals and project schedules with their own logos and the logos of their clients.
  • Project Reporting & Analytics – All project portals include a variety of advanced reporting tools that enable project teams to visually track their progress and resource usage.

“Basecamp and other collaboration tools have changed the way we work with our clients but we often find ourselves reaching the limit of what these tools were truly intended for,” said Cory Howell, SEO Manager, for MorePro Marketing. “LiquidPlanner doesn’t make any compromises between collaboration and project management. Rather, it brings these two disciplines together in a seamless manner that succeeds in helping us manage complex projects in a more efficient way.”

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