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LiquidPlanner Launches Baseline: A Time Machine for Your Project Portfolio

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Seattle—June 18, 2013—LiquidPlanner, creator of the industry’s only priority-based, predictive online project management solution, today announced the introduction of a new Baseline capability and a retrospective Timeline view into its flagship product. The two integrated features provide project managers and their team members with a simple, visual way to look back on a project to see how it has changed over time and understand why.

“They say that those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it. That’s why we set out to help teams tap into the goldmine of intelligence about their completed projects,” said Liz Pearce, CEO of LiquidPlanner. “LiquidPlanner is a data warehouse for projects: it captures all of the key metrics a team needs to conduct post-project analysis. Our new Baseline capability automatically captures daily snapshots of project schedules, enabling project teams to quickly compare their current plan to any date in the past.”

Using the Baseline feature and retrospective Timeline, teams can now gain new insights about their projects and teams, such as:

  • Why did our project slip?
  • Which people on my team are estimating their time most (or least) accurately?
  • How good are we at evaluating the scope of a project at the start (i.e., how many new tasks do we add after a project is entered?)

Unlike conventional project management systems, such as Microsoft Project, in which team members must remember to take manual baseline snapshots, LiquidPlanner automatically snaps daily baselines, making it simple to return to any point in time over the course of a project. The Baseline functionality also enables managers to compare a project’s current status to an earlier status, providing a visual roadmap that shows how a given project has changed over time. Used in combination with LiquidPlanner’s powerful analytics, project managers can easily create and share reports on key performance indicators such as timeline deltas.

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