LiquidPlanner Online Project Management Education Program Offers Free Licenses for Classroom Use

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Seattle—December 14, 2010—Through its free Education Programonline project management provider LiquidPlanner has found a way to give back by offering free seat licenses for classroom use for both instructors and students. The program has been adopted by more than 1000 students and instructors at schools including Harvard, University of Pennsylvania, Tulane, Columbia, Oxford, BYU, University of Dayton, Louisiana State, and NYU. Students and professors are using LiquidPlanner to manage group projects or as part of their project management coursework.

For professors teaching project management, LiquidPlanner offers a professional tool they can use to better collaborate with students (particularly online in a way that wouldn’t otherwise be available) and augment coursework. For example, they might integrate LiquidPlanner into a class assignment where students must build and manage a project plan and collaborate to complete the project.

For students, LiquidPlanner offers an extremely interactive environment where they gain invaluable real-world experience on how to prioritize, delegate, and collaborate on tasks and assignments within a dynamic team framework.

As an added bonus, having experience with a professional online project management tool is something that a new college graduate can put on their resume as a highly attractive skill and instant credibility for potential employers.

“LiquidPlanner is ideal for instructor use and classroom settings, particularly its dynamic scheduling feature that showcases for students how projects unfold in the real world with changing timelines, task assignments, and completion date estimates, similar to what they would find when they join the workforce as team members or managers,” said Lisa Sieverts, Professor, Marlboro Graduate School.  “Add a really fabulous user interface and you have a powerful and informative tool that helps me and my students make good decisions. We use LiquidPlanner every minute of the workday – each student invites me to their ‘workspace’ making it super easy to view and comment on their project and individual tasks.”

Enrolling in the LiquidPlanner Education Program is easy: instructors and students start up their LiquidPlanner “workspace” trial account at, then must show proof of affiliation by downloading and filling out a simple form to get started: Download PDF.  Each workspace allows up to 15 seat licenses.

About LiquidPlanner

LiquidPlanner online project management delivers on the promise of Collaborative Planning to improve team performance. LiquidPlanner provides a shared framework for goal-setting and the ability to more transparently communicate task and project status, while intelligently and efficiently aggregating information and data for managers. By optimizing employee productivity around prioritized tasks, companies can more efficiently meet corporate and strategic objectives that positively impact bottom-lines. To sign up for a free 14-day trial, view product information, or check out a product tour please visit

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