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LiquidPlanner Unveils Dashboards, a Smarter Way to Visualize Project Data

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Dashboards Lets Teams Curate and Share Project Data in One Consolidated View

Seattle—Mar 17, 2015—LiquidPlanner, creators of the industry’s only priority-based, predictive project management solution, today introduced Dashboards, a rich collaboration capability designed to help teams easily curate and share project data with internal and external stakeholders. Members of LiquidPlanner workspaces can create customized Dashboards to communicate and share ideas, project data, status, or anything else related to a project, ensuring that the right information can always be made available to the right people.

“People are overwhelmed by too much information and bogged down by too many meetings. We created Dashboards to make sharing key project data with your stakeholders more efficient than ever before,” said Liz Pearce, CEO of LiquidPlanner. “Dashboards are both easy to use and powerful, so all of your communication needs — from team coordination to executive sponsor updates — can be managed in one place and updated dynamically.”

Dashboards are composed of customizable widgets which are dynamically linked to the project data that already exists in a workspace. Widgets can include many dimensions of a project workspace, such as data tables, trend and donut charts, notes, documents and images and are easily organized simply by dragging and dropping a particular widget into a new space. Dashboards can be used for a wide variety of purposes, such as measuring and tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for an executive team, a visual way for a creative team to share design concepts, or as a means for a professional services firm to communicate the status of key projects with a client.

Dashboards offer some of the following benefits to LiquidPlanner customers, including:

  • Visually Oriented: Dashboards were designed to quickly convey the most important project information in a visually compelling manner. Dashboards can include graphs, tables and a growing array of customizable widgets.
  • Informed Decision Making: Dashboards provide a high-level overview of activities taking place across multiple projects, making it easier for project team members to gain critical insights that drive smarter business decisions.
  • Dynamic Updates: Since Dashboards are always connected to portfolio project data via widgets, any changes in the plan are automatically reflected in a Dashboard, meaning less digging around in e-mail, fewer status meetings, and more productive employees.
  • Sharing/Customization: Dashboards can be kept private for your own use, shared with team members internally, or used to collaborate externally in a secure environment. Since each Dashboard and widget is highly customizable, sharing the right message to the right audience has never been easier.

“While we’ve only been testing Dashboards for a little while now, they’ve already significantly improved the way our team works and collaborates,” said Russell Beard, Vice President of Information Technology Services for Bellevue College. “We love having the ability to create custom views of our project data and securely share them with stakeholders who we may not want to grant full access to our entire project plan. We’re excited to dream up new ways to use Dashboards to improve cross-team collaboration and help keep our entire team in sync.”

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