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More than 100 Companies Select LiquidPlanner in Q1 2009

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Seattle—April 10, 2009—LiquidPlanner, the first online project management software that enables teams to capture and manage the uncertainty in their projects, today announced that more than 100 new organizations have adopted LiquidPlanner as their project management solution in the past quarter alone, including Blue Nile, Sandlot Games, The San Francisco LGBT Community Center, and several major state universities including the University of Michigan. This comes on the heels of LiquidPlanner being nominated as a Webware 100 product in the productivity category, as well as being named a finalist for Breakthrough Startup of the Year for Washington State.

“In the last quarter of a century, I’ve never seen a better time to have a good plan. Organizations are telling us all the time that they need better ways to be more productive and get their projects done faster and more predictably. LiquidPlanner, with its truly modern approach, is doing that for them.” said Charles Seybold, co-founder and CEO of LiquidPlanner. “We are proud to have launched two major versions of our groundbreaking project management service in the past year and we are constantly pushing the envelope in terms of what users can expect from an online application.”

About LiquidPlanner

LiquidPlanner was founded in 2006 by Charles Seybold and Jason Carlson, former senior managers at LiquidPlanner was born from their vision to create a new project management paradigm, one that helps teams manage complex projects in an ever-changing business landscape. Built on a patent-pending scheduling engine, LiquidPlanner was designed to be flexible, intuitive, and smart enough to support fast-moving teams of all sizes and structures. The company is privately held and headquartered in Bellevue, Washington. More information can be found at

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