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*Analytics are Available in Professional and Enterprise Editions.

Improve Project Performance With Data-Driven Insights

To help you run an efficient team that is well organized and high performing, your project management software has to keep up with changing priorities, customer demands, and resource availability. Unfortunately, traditional project management tools just can’t keep up.

Instead, you need a Dynamic Project Management tool that gives you the information you need to make quick decisions throughout the life of your projects. A tool that helps your team work on the right thing at the right time. And one that gives you the insights you need to keep getting better at what you do over time.

LiquidPlanner provides your team with rich insights across many dimensions such as labor costs across product launches, identification of your most profitable client portfolios, and what exactly is delaying your biggest projects.

Since the entire team manages and tracks their tasks in the same LiquidPlanner workspace, a team member provides data on things like project status and resource utilization just by using the tool. No extra work required.


Advanced Analytics

A Better Way to Get Insights

Your LiquidPlanner workspace is a store of rich project data. With LiquidPlanner Analytics, you can slice and dice this data to gather deep insights. Here’s what LiquidPlanner analytics can do for you, your team and your business:

Customizable Reports

How Healthy Are Your Projects?

You can easily build reports that show how one or multiple projects are doing. Are you behind schedule? Are you ahead of schedule? What specifically is driving the drift? Get actionable insights with customizable Trend, Burndown, Drift and Baseline reports.

Workload Management

Know How Your Team Is Really Doing

People are at the center of every project. See what your team is working on across all projects. Analytics gives you a picture of who’s working on what, who might have some extra time to take on new projects, and who’s scheduled out to the end of time.

Project Costs

Understand What’s Driving Costs

Rate Sheet data and Expense reports help you track all your project costs – both material and labor related. Understand where your money is going on every project.

Make data-driven decisions, in real-time

LiquidPlanner Analytics moves you from information to insight to action. With LiquidPlanner, you’ll use your project data to make meaningful decisions and act in the moment.

See what people are saying about LiquidPlanner


 Since using LiquidPlanner, our directors and managers have more confidence that a project will be finished when we say it will. Going forward, I would expect that we could see a six month to one year improvement on our average project duration. 


Steve Watkins
R & D Engineering Manager, Rotork

 LiquidPlanner transformed the way the team performed and acted and changed what they did to meet the deadlines. You don’t argue with the estimates. You change your plan so that it will work. We actually ended up finishing the project a few days early. 


Tim Hughes,
Dir. of Solutions and Services,
Airways New Zealand

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