Better Gantt Charts

Conquer Complexity With Evolved Gantt Charts


Gantt charts needed an update

Invented at the turn of the 20th century, Gantt charts came on the scene as a revolutionary type of bar chart to illustrate a project schedule. A century later, Gantt chart software has become an indispensable tool for organizations around the world. To accommodate this need, we built Gantt charts into LiquidPlanner — but in our own revolutionary way.

Traditional Gantt tools require manual changes to the schedule. In LiquidPlanner, not only are Gantt charts automatically created from the information in your project plan, but they’re also dynamic.

Predictive Schedules

Gantt charts evolved

LiquidPlanner has evolved its Gantt program to automatically update with every schedule change, such as: hours logged, priority changes, estimation and completion date updates to name a few. The expected finish date is seamlessly recalculated to reflect a multitude of factors and information contained in your LiquidPlanner workspace.

Best Case Worst Case

The [E] is the key

On every one of our Schedule bars, the system automatically calculates an expected finish date for all your tasks and projects. No more struggling (or guessing) to know when a project or task is likely to finish. LiquidPlanner uses a patented algorithm to predict when your project or task is mostly likely to be completed.

Project Scheduling

Integrated Scheduling Engine

LiquidPlanner has a patented predictive scheduling engine that empowers teams and entire corporations to plan and execute thousands of concurrent projects. The best part is, with each update and change, the schedule is instantly updated in real time. This means any time you check your project plan, it’s up to date, and gives you a predictive range of when projects and their tasks will finish.

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