2/14/09 Site Upgrade – Timesheets, hours as units, more

Liz Pearce | February 14, 2009

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This weekend the engineering team upgraded the service to LiquidPlanner 2.0. We encourage everyone to reply to this post or click that “send feedback” link on the top of LiquidPlanner and let us know what you think.

New Stuff

  • New home page (check out the video)
  • New navigation design (simpler, bolder, bluer)
  • Workspace chatter (improved commenting support)
  • Performance enhancements (are you seeing a difference?)
  • Professional timesheets
  • New client and project containers
  • Hours as units
  • Improved availability profiles
  • Projected Completion report
  • New Genius Guide
  • New affiliate referral program (see settings tab)
  • Editable done date (finally)
  • Transfer all items from one person to another (see member profiles)
  • Improved email integration (see settings)
  • Improved actions/right-click menu
  • Set a watch on the whole space via right-click
  • Ability to turn auto-track on and off (set to OFF on upgrade)
  • Plus many small fixes and usability tweaks