Last Tuesday, a few LiquidPlanner employees (who shall remain nameless) were in a meeting when someone confessed their undying love for Us Weekly, and specifically the “25 Things You Don’t Know About Me” column. (If you don’t have a weakness for celebrity magazines, you probably know someone who does!)  While we wait for Us Weekly to get around to featuring us in the print version, we thought we’d go ahead and publish 25 Things You Don’t Know About LiquidPlanner on our blog.

  1. Before we came up with LiquidPlanner, one idea for our product name was TechnaPlan. That was a close call!
  2. Our company name used to be Team 46, Inc. but we changed it to LiquidPlanner, Inc. early on.
  3. StoneyardOur office used to be part of a marble and stone company, which is why we often name our demo workspaces “Stoneyard Software.”
  4. LiquidPlanner CEO Charles Seybold used to work in the Microsoft Project Business Unit.
  5. Pure coincidence, but every female who works at LiquidPlanner is Irish.
  6. Almost half of them are redheads.
  7. In 2010 we were the first seed fund investment for the Seattle Alliance of Angels.
  8. On average, people put about 20,000 task estimates into LiquidPlanner every day.
  9. Our own internal workspace has 19,187 comments and 4,733 attached files.
  10. Our most popular tradeshow giveaway? Our oversized LiquidPlanner pens. You either love ‘em or hate ‘em.
  11. SaraWe’re dog-friendly. Sara, a beautiful boxer, is seen as a full-time employee.
  12. Mark, one of our trusty developers, competed against Tiger Woods in two junior golf tournaments in 1992.
  13. The entire company attends our twice-weekly development meeting (including finance, marketing, and sales).
  14. 70% of the people who were here when we launched in 2008 are still here, three years later.
  15. Favorites in our fully-stocked snack room include Rice Krispie treats, Sun Chips, and the occasional Girl Scout cookie.
  16. Our VP of Sales & Marketing, Liz Pearce, has the same initials as LiquidPlanner. Coincidence?
  17. A key inspiration for LiquidPlanner was Steve McConnell’s, Software Estimation: Demystifying the Black Art book. Steve now sits on our Advisory Board.
  18. We had our Workspace “Chatter” feature before SalesForce had Chatter. But we’re not making a big deal about it.
  19. One of our developers spent a weekend of his personal time painting the walls in his office, which sparked a complete redesign of our entire space a few weeks later to match his color choices.
  20. Most of the time, we have at least 8 different types of coffee in the building.
  21. We’ll be unveiling a new logo design in the next few months.
  22. 17% of our employees have moved from out of state to work at LiquidPlanner.
  23. One time, Liz tried to download a Hall and Oates mp3 and her computer got a virus and crashed. (The song was “Baby Come Back,” and no, she did not sing it to her computer after the fact).
  24. When one of our developers became a new dad, he announced it in our “Workspace Chatter.”
  25. As of today, 499 nonprofit and university groups get discounted or free LiquidPlanner licenses to help do good in their community.
25 Things You Don’t Know About LiquidPlanner was last modified: March 11th, 2011 by Alison Clancy