3 Standout Presentation Highlights From the Seattle Interactive Conference

Team LiquidPlanner | October 21, 2014

Seattle interactive conference 2014
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A couple of members of our marketing team recently attended the Seattle Interactive Conference, which took place over the course of three days at the Seattle Convention Center last week. This year’s spotlight was on makers, and the program was filled with digital pioneers who took the stage to offer their best advice and stories. The topics ranged from music, TV, agency stories, creating a startup along with a number of acquisition- and retention-based sessions.


Here are some highlights and key takeaways from the sessions that I found most inspiring.

1. Understand your customer’s why

The first one of these standout sessions was a presentation by Jason Berg from the beauty company Julep.  Jason’s topic was “How to go from Zero to 60 in Customer Acquisition.” He offered a number of great tips for marketers who are focused on acquisition.

seattle interactive conference

One of my favorite quotes was “It’s easy to know who the customer is and what they want, but the hard part is why.” It’s something marketers run into all the time. Sometimes your data won’t always tell you why a customer wants something. Understanding your customer takes more than just pulling data on them, it takes building relationships. You can do this by hosting events for customers or reaching out to them on a one-by-one basis to really have the meaningful conversations about why they love your brand. Work in collaboration with your customer.

2. Make your brand quick and responsive

The second standout presentation was from two members of the creative agency POSSIBLE, Andrew Grinaker and Mat Szwajkos. Their presentation “Turning an Agency Into a Newsroom” spotlighted the need for brands to move quickly.


Their main point was this: When your brands are positioned to react to what’s happening in the world around them, you gain opportunities to post content that’s relevant to your audience—rather than just focusing  on a certain quantity of content. It’s important for brands to move quickly while still staying true to themselves. This means leaving some room on your editorial calendar to write about relevant topics as they come up. Being agile is important—use agile marketing tools and strategies.

3. Be a signal in the world of marketing noise

The third and final standout presentation that I’ll mention was “The Paradox of Exceptional Marketing” by Rand Fiskin, the Wizard of the inbound marketing company Moz. He walked the audience through his top tips for being a signal in the world of marketing noise. There was a ton of powerful information to take from this session—here are my highlights:

  • “Promoting your company is hard. Promoting a cause or mission is easy.” Many marketers forget or push aside this truth. Many times we want to tell audiences what we are, what features we have, but in reality we should be focused on how we benefit the customer (how we can solve problems and make life easier for them).
  • The other key message was to focus on CLTV (customer lifetime value) when evaluating your marketing channels. This of course takes great analytics, so if you haven’t found an analytics program that works for you, make this your first step.

There are always a great number of brilliant speakers from innovative companies present at SIC. These were just three of the standout presentations and highlights that I wanted to share with you. Hopefully these tips can help make us all better marketers.

If you went to SIC this year, tell us about the sessions you found most inspiring. Or just a learned nugget that you’ll be applying to your job.