3/25/2009 Release: The Need for Speed

Charles Seybold | March 25, 2009

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The LiquidPlanner team upgraded the site tonight.

The theme for this release was performance, performance, performance (yes, we take it that seriously).

We’ve made most operations faster including saving edits and moving items around. There are also optimizations that will benefit people with large tree structures in their plans.

Even though we were focused on speed, we managed to get some new features done too. Every one of the following features was a customer request so it just goes to show you that it’s worth your time to contact us with your problems and wishes.

  • You can now add Project and Client columns to theschedule view and detail sheet view of the plan tab. You can export these columns as well.
  • We redesigned the changes page to make it easier to scan and zero in on the changes you might be looking for; it’s a lot faster as well.
  • We made it easier to connect timesheets with your accounting system with new support for reference fields.
  • Ever type in 8 days progress when you meant to enter 8 hours? Now you can go to the history tab and find & correct logged progress right there.
  • Do you have dependency issues? You can now click on the dependency icons next to the schedule bars and get a popup menu of dependant tasks. Click the tasks in the menu to move the selection to the dependency. Also, if you’ve not discovered it, the dependency filter is quite useful for auditing dependencies.
  • Hate it when the dashboard does not remember what view you were on? Yeah so did we, so we fixed that. Your dashboard will remember your last view now.

Coming soon

There is still time to get your ideas in on our next big feature.

Donuts for the developers?

Let us know how you like the enhancements; I’ll buy donuts for the developers if we made you happier 🙂