5 LiquidPlanner Features That Make Your Team More Productive

Tatyana Sussex | November 6, 2014

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Our customers tell us that one of the most gratifying benefits of planning projects in LiquidPlanner is that their teams accomplish a greater output of meaningful work.  We’ve even heard stories of groups being able to cut back on hires because of their new efficiencies. Here’s a look at some LP features that help your team be more productive than ever.


Commenting lets team members have conversations—from assigning tasks, passing off work or giving feedback—in the immediate context of the task or project item. Your team becomes a productivity machine because email silos are eliminated and everyone can spend more time responding to important project requests, and less time searching for that email you know is in there somewhere. 


Using tags, one of our newest features, is a quick way for team members to link related content and locate associated items in a workspace (campaigns, sprints, seasonal projects, company-wide initiatives, etc.). Tags also streamline the process of running reports in Analytics to see trends across items with the same tag or set of tags.

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Email integration

Let’s say you have a document, a feature request or a new project task to communicate to your team. You can send an email right into your workspace that shows up as a comment, attached doc or a new task (and you can respond to email notifications via email as well). Email integration lets you take action and keep ideas and tasks moving through the project stream without losing a beat.


There are many ways timers make us more productive. First, when the clock is running, there’s often some motivation to stay focused on what you’re doing. The effect of hitting a timer can tell the brain in a ritualistic way, OK, we’re working on this task—now GO. Timers also help you log time efficiently and accurately—no guessing, no looking back on calendars and revisiting tasks, no adding up numbers when it’s timesheet submittal time (all of which takes time away from doing project work). Also, timers show you how much work is going into projects—information you can use if you need to ask your team or manager for more support and resources to increase productivity and meet finish dates.


Analytics role-up reports

There’s a rich store of project data in your workspace that can help you manage your projects more effectively. The Custom Report Builder lets you harness that data to gain valuable insights about how you’re managing resources and where to apply your team going forward.


These features are just a sampling of ways LiquidPlanner helps increase team productivity. Tell us about your favorite productivity-enhancing LP features.