Love. The word packs a big punch for only four little letters. Love is all you need! Love is a many splendored thing! Or so I hear.

Though the word should be used carefully, I think you are going to love the changes that are about to hit LiquidPlanner in our upcoming series of LP4 updates.  We will begin rolling these changes out in our next release on Saturday, September 29th.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Changes? Changes are scary! But trust me – these changes are good. In fact, let me give you a sneak peek at four of the major new features, which we’ll be discussing in more detail during our LiquidPlanner: Next Steps webinar. (UPDATE: recorded version available.)

1. Brand New UI

We’re redesigning the UI, with a sleeker look, efficient navigation, and easier editing capabilities.

New UI LP4

2. Inbox

Inbox LP4

The Inbox is a new plan container created to facilitate process flow. You’ll find it right at the top of your plan. Tasks in the Inbox do not get scheduled, so this is a great place to add new work that needs to be reviewed before being placed into your schedule.

3. My Work

The My Work tab is where you’ll now find your timesheet.  It’s also where you’ll find the new Active Tasks page, which is a completely redesigned version of the old My Tasks page.  We’re especially excited about the rich new edit pane on this page.  It allows you to make all sorts of edits to tasks without opening and closing a pane or navigating away to a different section of the application.

My Work LP4

4. Status Report

The new Status Report replaces the old Upcoming Report and Progress Report.  This one report will show you hours logged and hours remaining, including specific tasks and totals by person.

Status Report LP4

To get more details on these features and (much) more, make sure you watch the recorded preview webinar.

Update: Read the official release notes on the Support site

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