4 Ways to Use LiquidPlanner Checklists to Manage Your Work

Tatyana Sussex | June 12, 2013

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Who doesn’t love a to-do list or at least feel co-dependent on one?

Well, we had to-do lists on our mind when we launched our new checklist feature in April. Checklists were not only  a big hit in the LiquidPlanner offices, but our customers fell for them too.

In the last few months it’s been fun to compare the different ways people use checklists in their tasks and projects.

Here are four different ways we use Checklists at LiquidPlanner – in case you see a method you’d like try.

Checklists as quality control

This list has all the steps and sign-offs that our blog posts have to go through before they publish. I use the Copy Checklist feature to drop this same checklist into new blog post tasks.

quality control approval checklist

Checklists as inter-task to-do lists

Tyler, our Digital Marketing Manager, uses this checklist to include the smaller action items into individual tasks. This way, he doesn’t nickel and dime himself with a bunch of task items that might even overlap each other. Then, he can chart his progress, cross off actions and see when each item was completed.

inter task to do list

Use checklists as a collection box

We have quite a li’l flock of new hires at LiquidPlanner –  and they hadn’t yet been interviewed for our New Hire Q &A blog posts. So Alison, our Community Marketing Manager, opened a general New Hires Q & A task (within our Blogs project folder), included a blank Q & A, and wrote some descriptor notes in the Comment field.  Then, she created a checklist for each new hire and assigned each one accordingly.

Collection box

This meant that everyone on her checklist received an email notification of the task – so, no surprises when she asked someone for their Q & A.  After she received a finished Q & A, she opened a new blog post task and put it through the editorial process.  Added bonus: the quick visual reminder of who’s already been covered.

Checklists as your personal to-do list

For those of us hopelessly addicted/committed to our to-do lists, this is your schmorgasbord of important things to do, or think about, remember, etc. Some of us might  previously have, say, sent ourselves daily (minimum) emails with our to-dos. This one just feels more anchored and dependable.

To do list

Some admin details: It’s good practice to make sure your to-do list doesn’t get stuck in your workspace’s Inbox. We set up a Today package in our LiquidPlanner workspace for everyone’s to-do lists.

Tell us how you use the LiquidPlanner Checklist feature in the Comments box .