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Custom fields in LiquidPlanner are a great way to categorize your projects and tasks. Here are some of the benefits that come from using the custom fields feature:

  • You can create up to 10 custom task fields and 10 custom project fields.
  • You can filter by custom fields.
  • You can capture custom fields in an Analytics or Timesheet Export.

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We know there are a number of ways to use custom fields, but sometimes it’s nice to have some suggestions. (To learn how to create and set fields, read our Custom Fields Help page.)

Here a 4 different ways we’ve seen custom fields used in LiquidPlanner:

 1.       To identify stages of a task or project 

  • Pending, active or closing
  • Spec, design, development or testing
  • Prospect, needs assessment, proposal, close or retention
  • Phase 1, Phase 2 or Phase 3
  • Round 1, Round 2 or Round 3

2.       To identify attributes of the task or project

  • Bug, feature request, usability, performance or issue
  • Initiative: branding, retention, strategy, growth or security
  • Change Type: Data, hot fix, maintenance or scope change
  • The department that the project belongs to: Marketing, Sales, Development, Finance, HR
  • Projects for different campuses/branches/offices, i.e.,: east branch, north branch or Geneva office, New York office, Cleveland office, Tokyo office
  • Internal Codes: FNF – Fit and Finish, KB – Knowledge Base, MISC-Miscellaneous
  • Billing: Free, annual license, monthly license or discount customer

make your own custom fields

3.       To identify risk/priority level of a task or project

  • Risk Category: Functional, operational or technical
  • Risk Priority: 1-High, 2-Medium or 3-Low
  • Risk Proximity: 0-Risk Occurred, 1-Very Likely, 2-Likely, 3-Possible, 4-Unlikely or 5-Very Unlikely
  • Prioritization level: High/Medium/Low or Red/Yellow/Green
  • Severity: Critical, Moderate, Minor, Cosmetic

4.       To identify attributes of the client associated to a project

  • Customer Verticals: IT, Healthcare, Finance, Education, Government,
  • Customer Size: 0-50, 51-100, 101-300, 301-500, 501+
  • Type of Customer: Domestic or international
  • Line of Business: North America, Europe, Asia, South America
  • Contract Size: $0-$10k, $10k – $30k, $30k – $50k or $50k – $100k

ways to create custom fields

Have you used custom fields in other creative ways? Leave us a comment and share your ideas!