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Looking for some LiquidPlanner tips and tricks to have in your back pocket? Check out these quick and easy hacks to better organize your projects, see your plan items and save views that are important to you:

  1. Need to find a plan item quickly? Type all or part of its name into the Quick filter.
  1. Cut the clutter! Focus on just what’s most important to you with the Zoom Filter.
  1. See key data at-a-glance by customizing your Columns Display.
  1. Once you’ve combined multiple filters and customized the columns display, you’ve built a view you’ll want to refer back to again and again so save it as a Favorite.
  1. Once you’ve set this favorite view you’ll want to share it with stakeholders. PDF Snapshot and Export Tasks to File are now under the Edit Menu on the Projects tab. Just click the pencil icon!

What are some other LP tricks you use? Share in the comments!