6/8/08 Release: Email notifications, more…

Liz Pearce | June 8, 2008

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Email Notifications, New Dashboard, Scheduling Enhancements

“LiquidPlanner would be perfect if it worked with my email.”

Perhaps you’ve been feeling the same way? Well, the wait is over. We’ve added email notification options so you can find out immediately if there’s been a change to your items. We also give you direct links to your upcoming tasks in email, making it even easier for you to update your progress.

A shiny new dashboard, chock full of useful information.

Tasks listed out by day, new item assignments front and center, links to our new training videos, and the list goes on. We could write more, but you should really see the new dashboard for yourself. We happen to think it’s a huge improvement.

A schedule that works like you do.

Up to now, dependencies or “delayed until” tasks would sometimes create pesky holes in your schedule. We’ve just launched the “flow around” feature, which will automatically move the next-highest priority tasks up to fill the gap. This means you keep moving along your priority list, even if you have to hit pause on a certain task.

What do I do with my job code?

A user requested feature we’ve added is the reference field. You can find this on the description tab of the details pane and you can add it as a column on the “estimate” tab; search will pick it up too. This is a handy way to attach job codes or other external reference IDs to tasks and projects.

You know, I should have made that a project

Another user requested feature we’ve added is the ability to convert a task to a project, making organizing your work a bit easier.

We hope these and our other new features enhance your experience with LiquidPlanner.