7 Important Facts About Using LP’s Quick Filter

Tatyana Sussex | October 30, 2013

Quick Filter
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If you use LiquidPlanner, you might have noticed a new search-like feature located above the plan structure of your workspace.

Quick Filter search

This is our new Quick Filter. It differs from our powerful Search upgrade (which lets you search for general information) by giving you filter options to drill into project folders and packages and find a specific item you’re looking for.

Here are 7 Quick Filter facts that will help you use it like a superstar.

1. It looks search, but functions like a filter.

2. You can use the Quick Filter from your Projects or My Work view – but it works a bit differently from each place.

Using Quick Filter from Projects:

how to use the quick filter

3. The filter searches by item name only from the Projects view. If you know at least part of the name, and have it spelled correctly, you’ll get results.

4. Your search is directed by the other filter settings (Filter by State, by People, etc.). If you don’t get any results on the first try, make sure your filters are properly set for your current search.

Using Quick Filter from My Work:

5. This filter searches the task name and the breadcrumb (parent folders/location) and Client.

6. You can filter from the Active Tasks, Timesheet and Calendar views. The following example shows results from a Timesheet-filtered search.

quick filter projects

7. The filter is sticky when you toggle between Active tasks, Timesheet and Calendar. For example, if you enter “roadmap” into the Quick Filter capsule, it will remain there as you go between Timesheet, Calendar, et al – until you change it.

quick filter tasks

Do you have a cool way you’re using Quick Filter that you’d like to share? Drop your tip into Comments – share the wisdom!