8/11/2009 Release: More good stuff to love

Charles Seybold | August 11, 2009

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Tonight we released a service update of things you asked for and things we figured you’d like.

  • Overdrive scheduling – a new option on resource profiles that tells the schedule engine to ignore availability. This is useful for modeling external resources.
  • Power Filters – Under the four filter button menus on the toolbar you will find new sub-menus that let you build shared custom component filters for the whole team to use.
  • Zoom – the filter quick links have moved to the task name column. Try selecting multiple containers and clicking zoom to quickly filter to just those containers.
  • shortcuts – got your view set up just the way you like it? Now you can save that as a shortcut so it’s easy to return later. Look for that feature near the help link.
  • Navigation improvements – we moved to a formal second level of navigation. A good example is the analysis tab (reports renamed).
  • The History view was moved under the collaborate tab.
  • You can now set dependencies on folders.
  • You can now add tasks from the dashboard.
  • Activities are now a saved property of a task.
  • You can now change the activity for previously logged entries on your timesheet.
  • Duplicate now gives you options to duplicate files, links, and notes.
  • Add multiple now supports outline structure and an explicit cast to a container using ”#”.
  • The scheduling engine and bar rendering is now more precise at the day scale.
  • Scheduling engine performance improvements have been made for larger spaces.