A Guide Through LiquidPlanner’s Updated Edit Panel

Tatyana Sussex | October 24, 2013

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Our beloved LiquidPlanner Edit Panel is where the bulk of a project’s work gets done. It’s where we update the status of a package, project or task; where we make comments and include notes, reassign items, create checklists and dependencies, attach docs and graphics – the list goes on.

So it’s important that this feature is as sleek, efficient and as practical as can be, to give you the most productive and happy experience working on your projects.

To make sure you catch our new release’s Edit Panel updates, here’s a highlight of the updates:

  • More streamlined design – Updated usability features include a text header that gives you more panel for your screen space, a full screen view, and a file type identifier at the top of the panel (e.g., “Task” in the example below).

edit panel 2

  • Rich text editor – For those of you who use the Comments and Notes features, we think you’ll love this upgraded WYSIWYG editor feature. It lets you spell check, insert images and work in a full screen view, and more. Also, the Notes editor field gives you a couple of Save options – one to save and close, another to save and continue working.
  • Expand/Collapse sections – You can now customize your Edit Panel to display just the sections you use the most. For example, you might want to close the Details portion after setting up a project, and keep the Comments, Notes and Dependencies sections open. The expand/collapse feature is sticky, retaining your setting either until you change it or jump to a section that was previously collapsed.
  • More choices to view a specific set of documents – This applies to Projects, Packages and Subfolders, and shows the number of attached documents in each view.

edit panel 3

  • Reply all – It’s the little things, like being able to instantly send a comment to everyone in the conversation instead of typing out all of the names.
  • Convert Item – Here’s how easy it is to turn a Task into an Event or Milestone (and any mix of the three items). Just click, select and – shazam – it’s done.

edit panel 1

  • New Cross Reference link – Before this release, you could only insert a link to an external website. Now, you can easily include links to relevant workspace items, and then quickly jump to other tasks, projects, etc. It’s just that easy.

edit panel 4

There’s so much to this new release – we thought you might like a few of the changes left for your own surprise discovery. For more details and a very cool bird’s-eye-view, go to the LP Learning & Support Edit Panel article.