And The Winner Of Our Valentine’s Day Contest Is…

Alison Clancy | February 15, 2012

Candy Hearts
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Candy HeartsYesterday we held a Valentine’s Day contest where participants told us why they loved their jobs. The prize? Ten LiquidPlanner licenses, good for one year. We were excited to receive multiple heart-felt entries and to hear from people who are truly passionate about the work they do. The judges deliberated today about which one best captures that loving feeling, and we’ve made a decision.

The winner of our LiquidPlanner Valentine’s Day contest is…Greg Mort from EAI! You can read his contest-winning entry below. Thanks to everyone who took the time to participate yesterday…we think you rock. 🙂

“The Company I work for is a fast growing technology company that specializing in software development. We went with a liquid planner solution because we are a small company that requires multiple projects running at the same time. We currently could only have one user with liquid planner but having multiple would help us grow our company further.

The software development that we are working with involves rehabilitation with soldiers that come back from the battlefield with Tramatic Brain Injuries (TBI or mTBIs). We have designed, and developed software and hardware solutions to help better recognize mtbi on the battlefield and help with recovery when they get back.

We also have developed a software suite that can be integrated within helicopters to help save lives. Over 50% of all helicopter crashes could be avoided with more knowledge to the pilot. Our system delivers that and we are in the process of integration with the US Government.

We also work with training soldiers and helping soldiers have better situational awareness during training and in the battlefield

We also have developed a suite of software that can help autistic children and make them feel more comfortable.

ALL these projects are on going and are each made easier with liquid planner, allowing us to have more licenses would be absolutely amazing and help us get our products to market quicker

Thank you for your consideration”

Congratulations, Greg!