Bruce Henry | January 27, 2008

Where Do I Sleep
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Where Do I SleepWell, we made it. It’s now nearly midnight.

We’re checked in and fed and after wrestling with our network connections for the better part of an hour and a half I’m finally posting (thank you nameless Dell support guy)! Yay!

Tomorrow we get to dig in and polish the presentation. I’ve a bit of trepidation generated by the fact that we don’t really know what the DEMO stage setup is going to look like. We know that there’s some big video screen and that there’s a table thingie on which to put my laptop. But where they are and how the whole layout works is still causing me to have, as Hunter S. Thompson so eloquently put it, the fear.

We’re still not sure about how to fail-over in case we have trouble with the internet connection. I have brought a copy of our RoR code and our demo data local to my laptop. So if things come completely off the rails (so to speak) we can go with my laptop as both the server and the browser. The worry we have about that is that we wouldn’t likely know anything was wrong until we were in the middle of the demo. Time is tight, six minutes ain’t a lot. We’d really have to make some stuff up on the fly.

Not that we’ve ever done that before. 🙂