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Defense Against the Dark Art of Estimation Bargaining

We developers spend a lot of time learning about programming. Unless you work on project management software, you probably don’t spend a lot of time thinking what happens outside the realm of programming.  However, you need to take this seriously, as there are a lot of conversations going on all around us, and they   define what we...

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Highlights from RailsConf 2014

I went off to represent LiquidPlanner’s development team at RailsConf this year. It’s always a great experience to hear new perspectives on software development challenges and meet other developers. This year there were tons of excellent presentations, but if you missed RailsConf, all is not lost. New videos are being posted daily. My own talk is not...

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On My Way to RailsConf 2014 to Talk About Unreasonable Estimates and Improbable Goals

RailsConf 2014 is right around the corner, and I couldn’t be more excited.  I’m packing my bags for Chicago to see and hear from some of the Rails community’s finest.  Well, that and to sample as much deep dish pizza as possible.   RailsConf (April 22 – 25) happens to be the largest gathering of...

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Hitting the Road to Give a Talk at RailsConf: Our Own Dev Adam Sanderson

The development team is packing their bags and driving down from Seattle to Portland on Monday for RailsConf – the world’s largest gathering of Ruby and Rails developers. I have the honor of speaking at the conference this year.  I’ll be covering how developers can use Postgres and ActiveRecord to build some interesting features.  For example, at LiquidPlanner...

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