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Aleksandr Peterson is a technology analyst at TechnologyAdvice. He covers gamification, CRMs, project management and other emerging business technology. You can connect with him on LinkedIn.

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3 Best Practices for Managing Ad Hoc Projects

In mainstream project management, you typically strive for a recurring set of tools and workflows: the scope statement, the work-breakdown-structure, the financial analysis, time and cost estimates, the risk assessment, and so on. But any experienced project manager knows there’s no such thing as a typical project. One project type that companies often struggle with is...

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Project and Portfolio Management 101

The world of project management knowledge can sometimes feel stodgy and pedantic to a practical business person looking for answers. If you’re that person, and if you’re looking for answers about portfolio management, you’ve come to the right place. While a blog post certainly isn’t a substitute for the entire PMBOK textbook, some things are just...

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3 Reasons to Use Project Management Software as a Resource Planning Tool

Resource planning is a discipline within project management software that involves gathering the proper mix and quantity of resources required to complete a project. A resource can be anything from people to equipment, to materials, IT assets or funding. Think of it this way: If the project is a recipe, resource planning is the process...

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