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FAQ: What Are The Benefits of SaaS Project Management Tools?

I saw this question floating around one of those “so hot right now” Q&A sites and I thought, who better to answer this question than us? Fun fact: LiquidPlanner was one of the first SaaS project management tools to allow users to express uncertainty in their task estimates by using ranges (it says so on Wikipedia,...

LiquidPlanner Case Study: Tangent Engineering Increases Productivity by 30-40% Using LP

For Tangent Engineering, ensuring transparency and information exchange amongst its project teams (8 core engineers split into virtual teams of two to four depending on need) is critical, and can be particularly challenging when trying to balance a number of complex projects simultaneously against the changing needs of different clients. “The nature of product design is...

Project Management Acronyms Debunked

Using acronyms in every day conversation has become par for the course. Just a few weeks ago, LOL and OMG were added to the Oxford English Dictionary, officially inducting these terms into the English language (which is either interesting or terrifying, depending on your perspective). Project managers have been using acronyms for years, but it...

The Social Network (For Project Managers)

A wise person once said, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” In any profession, it’s important to get out there and join the conversation, most of which is happening online at an ever-increasing rate. However, with an entire World Wide Web at your fingertips, figuring out where to start can be daunting....


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