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Tracking and Logging Time in LiquidPlanner

When I was first hired,  one of my favorite things about LiquidPlanner was that the software could be used as a full time tracking system. At one of my previous jobs, we had to go old school and record our hours by using a good ol’ pen and paper, which was incredibly tedious, not to...

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Bursting at the Seams: Micro Nav Manages Growth with LiquidPlanner

is an award-winning leader in air traffic and fighter control simulation systems. The company develops, delivers and supports systems worldwide for both civil and military aviation authorities, airports and other organizations. Over the last few years, the company had seen a rapid increase in orders, and while they began to expand from their success, they also began...

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Infographic: How to Become a Project Manager

As an online project management tool, we’re usually focused on how project managers can better manage their resources, how they can use priority-based scheduling for multiple projects, and what they can do to keep their project team happy. But what if you’re not a project manager—yet? Whether you’re a student, or you’re thinking about changing careers, there’s a chance...

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LiquidPlanner Tips and Tricks

At LiquidPlanner, we’re all about radically simple online project management, and now we want to show you how to make using LiquidPlanner ever easier with a few of our favorite tips, tricks and shortcuts. Custom Filters The filter buttons at the top of the “Projects” section are your best friends. With their help, you can...

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How Should A Project Manager Capture Decisions?

If you’ve been managing projects for a while, you know that little details that seem insignificant during the project can end up being critical as the finish date approaches. As a project manager, you want to make sure these details are organized and logged somewhere where they can be found easily, but you also need...

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FAQ: What Are The Benefits of SaaS Project Management Tools?

I saw this question floating around one of those “so hot right now” Q&A sites and I thought, who better to answer this question than us? Fun fact: LiquidPlanner was one of the first SaaS project management tools to allow users to express uncertainty in their task estimates by using ranges (it says so on Wikipedia,...

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New LiquidPlanner 3.0 YouTube Videos

If you haven’t heard, we just recently treated ourselves to a major upgrade and facelift with LiquidPlanner 3.0, the radically simple online project management software. This version includes a smorgasbord of fresh features, a new priority-based scheduling structure (see the Help Guide section, Packages), and an innovative user interface to boot. To help you get up to speed...

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Sneak Peek: LiquidPlanner 3.0

Sources have revealed that LiquidPlanner, radically simple online project management software, will release their latest updated version of the tool in the form of LiquidPlanner 3.0 as soon as this week. The news has been met with an overwhelming amount of joy as millions of people across the globe have been waiting for a simpler, easier way...

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Enterprise 2.0: We’re Shipping Up To Boston

LiquidPlanner will be exhibiting at Enterprise 2.0 in less than a month, and we couldn’t be more excited for our big trip to the east coast. Enterprise 2.0 is THE conference to see the latest collaboration tools and technologies. We can’t wait to show off LiquidPlanner 3.0: our upcoming newly redesigned and updated version of LiquidPlanner, making...

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LiquidPlanner Case Study: Tangent Engineering Increases Productivity by 30-40% Using LP

For Tangent Engineering, ensuring transparency and information exchange amongst its project teams (8 core engineers split into virtual teams of two to four depending on need) is critical, and can be particularly challenging when trying to balance a number of complex projects simultaneously against the changing needs of different clients. “The nature of product design is...

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Project Management Acronyms Debunked

Using acronyms in every day conversation has become par for the course. Just a few weeks ago, LOL and OMG were added to the Oxford English Dictionary, officially inducting these terms into the English language (which is either interesting or terrifying, depending on your perspective). Project managers have been using acronyms for years, but it...

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Employee Q&A: Jennifer Ash, Sales Manager at LiquidPlanner

Today, we’re turning the Q&A tables on one of our own: the lovely Jennifer Ash. If you’re a customer of ours, there’s a good chance you spoke with Jen during your free trial period. She spends most of her time answering all kinds of questions about online project management. Now we’re asking her questions of...

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