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Andy Crowe is the CEO and founder of Velociteach, and author of Alpha Project Managers: What the Top 2% Know that Everyone Else Does Not; The PMP Exam: How to Pass on Your First Try, and the The PMI-ACP Exam: How to Pass on Your First Try. His books have sold over 150,000 copies worldwide. Velociteach was PMI’s provider of the year in 2012 and was recognized as one of 2013’s top 100 small businesses in the USA by the US Chamber of Commerce. He is a PMP, a PgMP, and a Six Sigma Black Belt, and he lives in Kennesaw, GA.

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6 Essential Project Management Skills They Don’t Teach in School

There are some things that are practically impossible to learn without actually doing them. For instance, no amount of reading about how to play the piano will eliminate the need to sit down at the keyboard and practice. Likewise, you can study great art for a lifetime, but you will never really learn to paint...

How to be a Better Team Collaborator When You’re a Lone Wolf at Heart

In the movie The Incredibles, the protagonist, Mr. Incredible, regularly declares “I prefer to work alone.” As expected, this ultimately comes back to bite him. The moral of the story: Sometimes even talented people who prefer to work alone can only succeed through cooperation and collaboration. That said, I have a confession to make: I...

4 Signs That You’re a Natural-Born Project Manager

The second law of thermodynamics states that randomness and disorder never naturally decrease in a system. That’s why our job as project management professionals exists in the first place. We bring order to the chaos that surrounds most projects, and it can be incredibly challenging. Good project managers possess an interesting balance of nature vs....

What Top Performing Project Managers Do Differently

  Project managers are a fascinating lot. I am constantly reminded that it takes a specialized set of skills to do this job. A few years ago, I led a survey that studied the attributes of 860 project managers, known as The Alpha Study. It was part of a book I wrote called Alpha Project...

The Tao of Project Organization: 3 Lessons

I spend a lot of time working with project managers, and it’s something I love. I also manage a few projects each year. The New Year always presents a good opportunity for me to revisit not just what I’m doing but how I’m doing it. Michael Gerber, author of the book The eMyth, suggests that...


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