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Using Agile Practices to Improve Business Customer Relationships

The relationship between IT and business teams is easily strained. Adding Agile practices introduces a new way to work together as a team. Andy Makar walks through two examples from past projects....

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A Cheat Sheet for Project Manager Knowledge Transfers

Few methodologies have a checklist for project turnover, project manager changes are a reality. If you find yourself having to transition a project or inheriting a new project, use this PM Knowledge Transfer cheatsheet....

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Three Intrinsic Rewards that Drive Employee Engagement

Rewarding team members is an age old topic that continues to be a management challenge to retain talent, ensure employees are engaged, and maintain job satisfaction. Regardless if your team is an Agile team or delivering in a traditional waterfall environment, effective managers need to reward, motivate, and sustain high-performing teams....

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Adopting Agile is an Exercise in Change Management

Working with project teams to adopt Agile practices requires awareness, training, and organizational change management. By applying these eight steps, you can improve your odds of a successful Agile implementation in your organization....

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Project Management Lessons from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Between Thanksgiving and the Christmas holiday, my family and I have a few traditions. One of them is to watch "National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.” Hidden amongst the classic scenes that only John Hughes could write, there are a few project management lessons worth your consideration....

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Yes, Your Team Needs a Project Manager. Here’s Why

During the annual budget cycle, portfolio planning or even the adhoc “just-go-do-it” project, project management resource planning and funding can be marginalized and even entirely overlooked. That's a mistake, says project management expert Andy Makar....

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Why You Should Use Predictive Scheduling for Your Projects

I had a hallway conversation with my colleague about the best way to manage a project schedule. My colleague admitted to developing a pretty Gantt chart at the beginning of the project because executives like pictures. He also admitted that he wasn’t sure how accurate or up-to-date the schedule was with reality. When I asked...

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Agile Team Transitions Are Not Always Textbook

If you are implementing Agile practices in your organization, you likely recognize it isn’t a textbook transition. Transitioning to an Agile team is a change in mindset, team organization, and the team’s culture....

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The Case for Multiple Project Management Methodologies

A multiple-methodology approach to project management may lead to happier project teams, according to a new report by LiquidPlanner. Andy Makar explains why in this post....

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Boost Your Productivity with Kanban Boards

Don’t let exhaustive project charts turn your stand-ups into sit-downs. With Kanban boards, your team can visually (and quickly) chart project progress and accountability....

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Embracing Uncertainty in Software Projects

Software projects are full of uncertainty. Good project managers will put risk management, change control and communication plans in place to manage scope and balance uncertainty. Learn how in this post....

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How to Scale Methodology for Your IT Project

If you’ve worked for an organization of any size delivering software projects, you’ll eventually be asked to follow a methodology. In small organizations, it could be a common set of steps that are “light and nimble.” As the organization grows, more steps are added, additional teams are consulted and before long—you’re got a full-fledged methodology...

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