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5 Project Management Hacks: Get More Done with Less

As project managers, we’re often asked to do more with less as teams are further constrained and budgets reduced. Since refusing your leadership team’s requests isn’t the wisest career move, we need to find creative ways to save time and get more done. In April 2013, I gave a talk on “How to Reduce Administrative...

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Forecasting the Next Generation Workforce

Do you ever wonder how the new college graduates will impact the workforce? As an adjunct professor and a part-time IT recruiter, LiquidPlanner contributor Andy Makar regularly interacts with the budding workforce of our future. The Millennial generation (aka the Facebook generation) represents a technically connected group of people who collaborate, are entrepreneurial-minded, and work...

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3 Project Management Headaches and How to Fix Them

If you had to describe project management in one word, what would it be? When I think about project management, I think  “complex”. Engineers and software developers have the luxury of delivering in a technical world where logic and critical thinking always has an answer.  Project managers operate in a fuzzy logic world where logic...

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Project Management Challenge: Say This, Not That

The project management domain and the encompassing business world is full of acronyms, jargon, and other terms that no one outside of a card-carrying member of the Project Management Body of Knowledge would share with their friends and family (notice I didn’t use the acronym PMBOK here). If I started talking about developing a “strategic...

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Project Manager Challenge: Influencing in Lieu of Oompa-Loompas

Project managers are often put in the challenging position of having the responsibility for a project but limited authority over the people actually working on that project.  Can’t you just imagine a world where all of the project teams would work with the efficiency of the orange-faced Oompa-Loompas from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?  Willy Wonka...

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Project Management Challenge: Building Your Own Home

Do you remember your Project Management 101 class where the instructor shared “building a house” as a project management example?  We all nodded our heads and agreed that scope, cost and timing were all important, and it was an adequate training example.  I never realized how relevant this training would become until I started building...

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Project Manager Challenge: Recognizing Your Contribution

When you turn off your laptop or finish that last conference call, how do you determine if your effort really made a meaningful contribution to the project?  Sure you attended meetings, gave opinions, coordinated work – but did you really make a difference?  Were you simply managing the ad hoc tasks scribbled on the back...

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Project Manager Challenge: Rewarding Your Project Team with Meaning, Not Money

Is money really a meaningful reward on a project or program? Don’t get me wrong, I like money.  I work for a company that gives me money and every two weeks, digital dollars are deposited into my account to offset the dollars leaving the account.  If I’m lucky, I may get a larger amount deposited...

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Project Manager Challenge: Dealing with Difficult Conversations

Rewarding a team member for a job well done or promoting an outstanding employee is easy.  Counseling a poor performing employee, addressing a sensitive issue with a peer or trying to find a solution amongst two conflicting project team members is not.  The reality is no matter how uncomfortable these conversations can be, we all...

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