Andy Silber

Andy Silber has been an astrophysicist, an engineer, project manager, and author of Adaptive Project Management: Leading Complex and Uncertain Projects. He has worked throughout the Puget Sound region in everything from small startups to Fortune 100 companies. He has been an environmental activist and that passion is responsible for first bringing out his desire to write. More of his writing on project management, energy policy, and politics can be found at his blog A Silber Lining.

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4 Guiding Principles for Leading Remote Project Teams

More and more, part of the job of a project managers is not just herding sheep, but herding sheep located on farms located across the globe. Use these four guiding principles to effectively manage remote project teams....

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Super Bowl vs World Series: A Project Manager’s Point of View

Behind every successful sporting event is a hardworking project manager. Project manager Andy Silber compares the behind-the-scenes work of the World Series and Super Bowl in this post....

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Lessons Learned as a First Time Medical Device Project Manager

PM expert Andy Silber was on the team that designed the Calypso™ 4D Localization System, a device that helps healthcare teams accurately deliver radiation during cancer treatments. In this post, he offers four insights he learned from the process....

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Project Management Monsters Around Us

Monsters aren’t just for Halloween. The undead walk among us all year round. Only on Halloween do they show their true faces. If you know what to look for, you can recognize vampires, ghosts, zombies, and Frankenstein’s creation....

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What is Little Data? And Why Do Project Managers Need It?

Huge datasets and complex analytics are trending right now, but this big data is nothing without little data. Andy Silber breaks down what it is and what it means for project managers....

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Lessons from My Winding Path to Project Management

Before he became a project manager, Andy Silber worked in academia with a PhD from MIT. In this post, he describes his path from PhD to PM and lessons that can be applied to anyone's career....

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When You’re the Company’s First Project Manager

So, you've been tasked with leading project management at a company that thinks Agile is a verb and Waterfall is nature's perfect photo opp. Where do you begin? PM expert Andy Silber gives you four steps to get started....

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May the Fourth Be With You: Project Management Lessons from the Star Wars Rebel Alliance

In honor of today’s celebration of all things Star Wars, I thought it would be worthwhile to mine this epic tale for project management lessons. While many have written about the Empire’s challenges constructing the Death Star, I’m interested in what can be learned from the victors, the Rebel Alliance. Build a Diverse Team The...

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Is Your Team Wasting Everyone’s Time?

For projects with lots of uncertainty and complexity, it’s critical to understand which tasks are most important. Otherwise, your team will find much of their effort is wasted. Learn how to ensure your team is working on the right task at the right time....

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How Project Management Accelerates Product Development

Long ago, in a city not far away, I worked for a very profitable company that got its start in the garage of one of its founders. We had grown to about 120 people with worldwide sales. Our products were the undisputed gold standard of the field. The employees were well paid and generally quite...

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What’s the Most Important Job of a Project Manager?

A lot of people think that the most important contribution of a project manager is building the plan. That’s what a project manager does—breaks work structures into tasks; identifies the dependencies; feeds tasks into a project management tool; works with the functional managers to build the right team, and assigns tasks to team members. And...

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