Angus Stocking, Author at LiquidPlanner

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Angus Stocking is a licensed land surveyor who has specialized in geospatial, infrastructure, and technology writing since 2002. He has written for magazines like Municipal Sewer & Water, Public Works, Professional Surveyor, Concrete Construction, Trenchless Technology, LiDAR News and many more infrastructure and geospatial trade journals.

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Using LiquidPlanner to Manage…Weather?

While it can mostly be forecasted, the weather has its share of unpredictability, making many wish it could be managed like a project. One company based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, however, has been using LiquidPlanner to do just that. CFV Solar Test Laboratory, Inc., is a small, accredited, highly sophisticated laboratory that performs multistep, long-term,...

Manufacturing in the Cloud—Why Now?

Manufacturers are moving to the cloud… finally. But that leaves the question of why they’re moving to the cloud, or rather, why now?...

Why Manufacturers are Switching to the Cloud

The 2017 State of Manufacturing Technology says that“90% of respondents are using cloud-based productivity applications, double the number in 2016.”...


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