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Manage This! Jen Morrisey Featured on Project Management Podcast

“The workplace, rather, is rapidly evolving, as is the PM role, and I think project managers today face so many challenges as well as opportunities…. I think the core challenge is that they’re asked to do more with less resources, so now more than ever, they need to use their resources in the most optimal...

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Welcome to the New!

The LiquidPlanner website has gotten an update recently. We’ve created a cleaner, more modern experience that’s easy to navigate and fun to explore. While some pages like Product and Pricing have gotten cosmetic updates, others are completely different! Take a look at the new Support Center where you’ll find our knowledge base, training videos, and...

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Last-Minute Gifts for Your Project Team

The Christmas holiday is a mere five days from now. And, if your company closes its offices the last week of the year, that only leaves you tonight to get any last-minute gifts for the project managers, collaborators, and contributors you work with. Here are our recommendations for each of these people, based on their...

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The New Normal: Collaboration and Creativity Grow at LiquidPlanner with a New Work Culture

In the year since Todd Humphrey stepped in as CEO and brought Charles Seybold back as chief product officer at LiquidPlanner, the energy at our office has drastically changed. “There’s more excitement in getting things done,” says customer success manager Allison Wilbur. “There’s more motivation to be the best we can be. We all have...

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Ditch the Scales: Why Work-Life Balance Doesn’t Work

Recently, I realized I occasionally pit work and life against each other in my mind, and these moments certainly don’t help my positivity during the week. Instead of treating work and life like they are on opposite sides of a scale, I started to think about how the aspects of each can coexist harmoniously. For...

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Eat Your Lunch: Why It’s Important to Take a Break at Work

I’m the first to admit that I work through lunch more often than I should. Usually so I can beat the traffic during my commute home. Working through lunch doesn’t mean I skip lunch, however. Too many studies stress the importance of not skipping meals, and I don’t have time for mood swings, poor concentration,...

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Working for the Weekend: Increasing Productivity, Efficiency, and Profitability with a Four-Day Workweek

The dream of an extra day off each week is more plausible than you think. More companies are investigating the idea of a four-day workweek after a New Zealand trusts firm found its employees were happier, more efficient, and more productive after its two-month trial of a 20-percent shorter week. Andrew Barnes, CEO of Perpetual...

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