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5 Techniques That Will Get You Promoted As a Project Manager

No one wants to stand still in a career. The benefits of getting promoted at work are considerable and well understood. Many of us strive to be recognized for the work we do, and for a number of reasons, including: Climbing the corporate ladder Increased income The prestige of a new office Improved capacity to...

11 Ways to Manage Project Conflict

Fights, war, battle, screaming matches—conflict is a constant presence in life. The pressure to deliver unique results on a short timeline adds to the pressure in the project management world. In fact, the Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK) states: “Managing conflict is one of the biggest challenges a project manager faces.” In any given...

10 Tips for Making Better Project Decisions

Every project is made up of decisions and tasks. And every project management professional has to make decisions on how to choose among a variety of options to move a project forward. How often do you think about—and work on—your decision-making skills, as you focus on juggling your project schedule, manage resources and other job...

Taking a Twitter Approach to Project Management

It’s hard to open a newspaper or surf the Web these days without reading about the impact that micro-blogging services like Twitter are having on society at large. As a one-to-many mass communications tool, Twitter is truly a game changer. However, companies are still looking to identify practical applications for micro-blogging within their organization. Web apps...

Distributed Teams and Conversational Fragmentation

Several months ago I was thinking about what it was going to take to better integrate email into the LiquidPlanner feature set. Coincident with this pondering I became vexed by Let me explain… I am an avid Twitter user. I love my Twitter friends and it keeps me feeling connected to them even when...


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