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As the host of the popular Project Management for the Masses Podcast, Cesar Abeid reminds you that life is a project, and you are the manager. A certified Project Management Professional® with a degree in Electrical Engineering, Cesar has over 10 years’ experience managing projects in Canada, the United States, Brazil and Peru. His most important project, however, is raising his children Laura, Adam and Lucy—a job he gladly shares with his wife, Amy. Cesar and his family live in London, Ontario, Canada. Visit and subscribe to his podcast at

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5 Project Management Tips for Manufacturing Teams

Taking a product from concept to production is a complicated undertaking. There’s a lot at stake, and a lot can go wrong along the way. For example, there are time-to-market market and quality control issues; you have to consider supply chain, global teams, international trade issues, regulations, product development phased and more. And still, I’m...

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The Top 10 Mistakes Project Managers Make

There are so many moving parts to a project—requirements, stakeholders, risks, team members, good news, bad news, deadlines, budgets—it’s no wonder that things have a tendency to go wrong. The good news is that mistakes are part of the learning process—but knowing what to do and how to respond to project mistakes is crucial. I...

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8 Best Practices for Managing DevOps Projects

One of the hottest trends for managing software and technology projects is DevOps—a method that uses Agile and lean principles and brings operations and development engineers together throughout the entire lifecycle. I recently interviewed solution architect and ArrestedDevOps podcast co-founder Matt Stratton for my Project Management for the Masses Podcast. I quickly realized that the future of...

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What Do You Do When Your Project Stalls?

I remember when our technology and consulting company started a project to develop a system for automating a key process for one of our biggest clients. This system was going to save our client a lot of money, plus, we would potentially be able to offer this solution to many other clients in the same...

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How to Be a GTD Person in a Waterfall World

I’ve been with the same cell phone carrier for over 10 years. My money has been kept in the same bank since I moved to Canada many years ago. By all accounts, I am a very loyal person to any product, service or system that works for me. Project management and all of its principles—like...

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The World Is Changing and So Must You: “The Power of Project Leadership” Book Review

When Susanne Madsen told me she was going to write a book on project leadership, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. I was lucky enough to get an early copy of The Power of Project Leadership: 7 Keys to Help You Transform From Project Manager to Project Leader, and I devoured it...

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6 Essential Project Management Skills for Smoother Work

Years ago I was in Brazil managing the installation of a monitoring system for a large construction project. As I told the chief electrician how a piece of equipment was to be mounted, he raised his eyebrows and said: “You’re the boss.” I knew what was happening: Because I was the project manager, the chief...

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4 Tips to Get Promoted As a Project Manager

The first questions I ask project managers who listen to my podcast and connect with me by email is this: When it comes to your career in project management, what are your desires, pains and needs? After communicating with hundreds of project management professionals, the answers often seem to gravitate around this one common topic:...

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How to Find a Job Using Your Project Management Skills

You are a project manager and you excel at your job. You communicate well, are an effective leader, have the experience, and inherently know how to deliver outstanding projects. You might even speak multiple languages and have an interesting, compelling resume. But when it comes to landing your next job, you always feel a bit...

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6 Ways to Improve Client Relations: Ingredients for Success and Happiness

“Cesar, we are not happy. We need to talk.” That’s what I heard once from a client when I was left alone with him after a meeting. Sometimes your clients will come out and tell you that they’re not satisfied with how you’re managing an agency project. Sometimes they’ll hint at it. Sometimes you can...

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How to Project Manage Your Career

Have you ever tried to catch a running train? There was a time when careers were as predictable as a train running on a reliable schedule.  We would climb aboard our career train after graduating from college or university, and comfortably ride it until the next stop—be it a promotion, a new job or retirement....

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