Charles Seybold

Charles Seybold is LiquidPlanner’s Chief Product Officer and co-founder. For over 25 years, Charles has been building software tools in one form or another. Stop by the office and he’ll engage you in a creative conversation, and if it’s early enough, take you out for breakfast.

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How to Manage Plan Changes Using LiquidPlanner

When your team is fully up to speed on using LiquidPlanner, your workspace will become a very dynamic collaboration platform where many updates will be captured, tracked and discussed.   Traditional planning systems are very static, typically out of date and hard to trust. Conversely, LiquidPlanner’s real-time approach means that schedules are always being trued...

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What American Westerns Can Teach Us About Being Great Project Managers

Cowboys always seem to be looking to the future and assessing risk. They’re usually in pursuit of something big and on the lookout for unexpected adversaries. Doesn’t every western have someone saying, “There’s a storm a coming” or, “It’s quiet, too quiet”?  So I put the theory to test and looked up some famous cowboy...

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How to Change a Habit: On Becoming a Morning Person

After LiquidPlanner moved offices from Bellevue to Seattle I became one of them—a morning guy. The logistics of a new commute presented a compelling incentive: to avoid rush-hour traffic. But change is good, so I fully committed. I shifted my routine to start the day about two hours earlier and joined the people who are...

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Selling Social Project Management

Social project management is a non-traditional approach to integrating both team management and project portfolio management.  In this approach team members share in the stewardship of the plan and control is less centralized. I wrote a previous post called The 5 Laws of Social Project Management and now I want to go deeper into selling the...

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Rise of the Craftsman and the Tale of the PryBaby

  It was once said that “the society based on production is only productive, not creative”. I think that French philosopher was on to something. We are so used to ubiquitous products that I sometimes feel we’ve lost touch with the creativity behind the products we use daily and put our trust in. While machines...

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Get Organized in 2013

We wanted to kick off the new year with a few inspiring quotes on organization.  Our team had so much fun doing this; a couple of quotes grew into an entire list. As you know, we take project management very seriously and we believe that being organized is a key trait found in good project...

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Managing Change? Go Small or Go Home

Are you the “change agent” on your team? If so, this post is for you. In building and delivering LiquidPlanner to customers, we’ve learned that change agents play a key role in helping their organizations grow. Typically, it comes down to one person that makes the difference in the organization’s “project awesomeness” score. It’s the...

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Congratulations, Liz!

Over the years, many LiquidPlanner customers have had the opportunity to get to know our staff. This post is for the fans of Liz Pearce who will be delighted to learn that we just promoted her to be our new CEO, replacing yours truly. Am I leaving? Not a chance; more on that in a...

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June Release: New Analytics Features, Monday Start, Magnetism

We’ve had incredibly positive feedback on the recent launch of LiquidPlanner Analytics – we’re glad you like it and hope that you will continue to let us know what you’d like to see added. With this update, we bring you additional analytics features, as well as some other great features that have been waiting patiently...

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The Secret to Effectiveness for Virtual Teams

There’s a sea change going on – a quiet revolution in the way we work as teams. Successful virtual teams, without question, have been on the forefront of this change. But co-located teams are also beginning to reap the benefits of a new way of working. When Meetings Ruled the Day To decode the secret,...

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4 Keys to Using Collaboration Software in Distributed Teams

It’s no secret that many project teams today are geographically dispersed, even inside relatively small companies. In our “flat” world, nearly everyone relies on distributed resources. Social research from as far back as 40 years ago demonstrates there is a positive correlation between physical proximity and the probability of communication. Individuals whose desks are more...

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New LiquidPlanner Notifications: Email That Your Inbox Will Actually Like

It’s become a holiday tradition at LiquidPlanner to dedicate the last software update of the year to something straight off our customers’ wish lists.  So what’s our “End of the Year” gift in 2011? A complete overhaul of the LiquidPlanner email notification system. Starting this Monday, your LiquidPlanner change notifications are going to look very different....

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