Alternative TextChristian Knutson, P.E., PgMP, PMP

Christian Knutson, P.E., PgMP, PMP, is a leader and active practitioner in the area of infrastructure program management, strategy alignment/development, and team/organizational leadership. He is currently the program director for a $1 billion infrastructure development program in the United Kingdom. Knutson has more than two decades of experience as a civil engineer field grade officer in the U.S. Air Force, developing the soft skills necessary for an engineer to be successful on program and project execution and leading people. He helps engineers grow personally and develop as leaders through his writing at The Engineer Leader blog and through his work on The Engineering Career Coach (TECC) podcast and The Civil Engineering Podcast (CEP).

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How to Step Up When the Project Manager Is Away

One piece of valuable advice I was given early in my career was to always work to make my boss’s boss look good. Another was to always work as if I were the one responsible for the outcome. These two lessons had a profound effect on my career trajectory, helping me progress through ever-increasing levels...

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Five Actions for Inspiring Your Project Team

Every project manager will need to inspire a project team at some point in their career. The reasons may range from having an over-challenging project to being appointed to recover a failing project. Or, the reasons may be less daunting, and things are just business as usual. Whatever the circumstances, as a project manager you’ll...

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Five Steps to Making Your Project Meetings Effective

Studies say you have invested 70% of your life over the past year sitting in meetings. But have they all been productive? These 5 steps are essential for effective project meetings....

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3 Steps to Bringing Order and Teamwork to Your Next Project

Any project manager worth their salary will tell you that order and teamwork doesn’t just happen on a project. To get either one requires hard work....

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5 Governance Steps for Distributed Project Team Management

When it comes to governance for distributed teams, keep it simple. The more complex anything is with distributed teams, the greater the likelihood that it will fail. Christian Knutson shares his best practices for implementing good governance on projects with distributed teams....

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Celebrating Project Success: 5 Things You Can Do

There are numerous individual, team, and project activities that present opportunities to celebrate. Your job as a successful project manager is to be prepared to capitalize on these opportunities to create both culture and camaraderie on the project team. Get started with these five ideas....

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The Five Truths of Project Leadership

Many people believe that leadership is positional—it’s tied to the person that’s calling the shots. In reality, leadership on most projects and programs is informal. Project team members each have the opportunity to exert leadership during the course of the project...

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7 Actions to Take When Joining a Project Underway

Taking lead on a project already underway relies on the same skills that you’d call on if you’d been on the project from the beginning. However, there are seven specific knowledge areas that are most important and will require your attention....

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To Master Information Management on Your Project, Do These 4 Things

Knowledge is power. However, for many project managers, maneuvering into this position of control can be a serious challenge that doesn’t go away just by being effective in managing email or being able to read a pivot table....

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6 Things You Can Do to Keep Challenging Personalities in Check

Challenging projects require design and engineering subject matter experts who themselves can be challenging. Effective project managers expect that some people will bring challenging personalities into the project team and visualize how they will handle these situations....

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5 Reasons Engineers Need to Develop Project Management Skills

Leaving project management skills development to on-the-job training is leaving a lot to chance for engineers. Projects today are increasingly complex and the pressure to maintain scope, schedule and cost higher than ever. Engineers can better serve their organization, clients, and themselves by developing their project management skills....

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