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Ask a PM: How to Get Proper Estimates

Dear Elizabeth: I work in a technical team as a project manager. We do a lot of projects that are innovative (for us), and my development colleagues always seem reluctant when it comes to project planning. They won’t give me timescales that will help me plan. How do you deal with a team that refuses...

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Ask a PM: How to Manage Dependencies and Assess Risks

Dear Elizabeth: The project I am working on is quite complex. Our work overlaps with that of other teams, plus there are a few things in the business that might have an impact on what we are doing. Some of these dependencies might have significant impacts on the project. How do you recommend managing dependencies...

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The PM Skills You Can Forget About (And the Ones You Really Need to Know)

PM expert Elizabeth Harrin breaks down the processes and techniques will catapult your career and the ones you can, well, overlook....

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Will a Project Management Certification Help Your Career?

Weigh the options of getting a project management certification and whether it will benefit you in your career....

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Ask a PM: How to Prioritize When You Wear Multiple Hats

You're the project manager for a tech startup. You're also the Operations Director, Customer Services Manager…you get the point. How do you focus your attention with so much going on? PM expert Elizabeth Harrin tackles this tough topic....

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Ask a PM: I’m Bored! How Do I Convince My Boss I Can Handle More?

You know you can handle more at work, but your manager isn't listening. Here's how to prove your value and grow your responsibilities in the office....

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10 Strategies for Managing Multiple Projects at Once

Managing multiple projects at one time has become a norm for many of us. Elizabeth Harrin shares 10 strategies for staying sane meeting multiple deadlines....

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Project Management Tools: Work Plans, Action Logs, or Both?

Many project managers struggle with knowing what the “right” tools are for the job, especially when they’ve had very little training or support from their organization. It’s very common for there to be multiple ways of recording actions and project tasks within a business. Here's how to use the right tool for the job....

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So, You Inherited a Failing Project…Here’s What to Do Next

If you've inherited a sinking ship of a project, do you scrap it or try to fix it? Learn how to decide and the five steps you should take to right the ship....

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Signs You’re a Micromanager (and What to Do About It)

Help! I think I’m a micromanager. My team is frustrated and demoralized, and I think I’m the cause. We’re a busy software team and we juggle multiple projects. How do I get past this?...

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Remote Work Requires a Change in Mindset

Working in a remote team is different to working with the same people in an office environment. It requires a change in how you think about work and how you think about sharing your work with other people....

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How to Manage Generational Differences on Your Project Team

When you have a multi-generational workforce, a team under pressure and any number of other factors, you will get conflict. PM expert Elizabeth Harrin offers these strategies for working through and overcoming....

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