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So, You Inherited a Failing Project…Here’s What to Do Next

If you've inherited a sinking ship of a project, do you scrap it or try to fix it? Learn how to decide and the five steps you should take to right the ship....

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Signs You’re a Micromanager (and What to Do About It)

Help! I think I’m a micromanager. My team is frustrated and demoralized, and I think I’m the cause. We’re a busy software team and we juggle multiple projects. How do I get past this?...

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Remote Work Requires a Change in Mindset

Working in a remote team is different to working with the same people in an office environment. It requires a change in how you think about work and how you think about sharing your work with other people....

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How to Manage Generational Differences on Your Project Team

When you have a multi-generational workforce, a team under pressure and any number of other factors, you will get conflict. PM expert Elizabeth Harrin offers these strategies for working through and overcoming....

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Ask a Project Manager: How Do I Raise My Team’s Morale?

Dear Elizabeth: I’m managing a small team of technical professionals and, not to put too fine a point on it, but, none of us are appreciated for what we do. How do I make my team feel appreciated?...

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Ask a Project Manager: My Client Missed Their Deadline…Again!

How do you keep a project on-track when your client keeps missing their deadlines? PM expert Elizabeth Harrin offers her tips for keeping clients in-check (without being a jerk)....

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Project Management Trends: 2018 Topics to Watch

From the rise of digital project management to the impact of emotional intelligence on PM careers, Elizabeth Harrin predicts the top project management trends and topics to watch for in 2018....

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Ask a Project Manager: How to Find an International PM Job

Dear Elizabeth: I have been working in project management across several industries for several years – although not formally as a ‘Project Manager’. My spouse (a soon-to-be-retired Army Officer) and I are going through the formal PMP® training now to complete the test by January. We would love to explore some NGO or other overseas...

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Ask a Project Manager: How Can I Be More Productive?

PM expert Elizabeth Harrin answers the question: "How can I be more productive when working on a project or task? It feels like I’m spending so much time just staying on top of things.”...

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Ask a Project Manager: Should I Go Freelance?

In this month's column, a reader seeking flexibility asks about the freelance lifestyle. PM expert (and freelance consultant) Elizabeth Harrin weighs in....

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Ask a Project Manager: My Boss Doesn’t Get Me

"My boss wants a lot of work done, and he’s put me in the project management role. But I don’t think he really understands what a project manager does." PM expert Elizabeth Harrin offers her advice for educating your boss and gaining buy-in....

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Remote Project Management: Low-Stress Ways to Keep Your Team on Track

As working remotely becomes more common, project managers need to learn new skills for keeping their team motivated and on track. PM expert Elizabeth Harrin offers her tips....

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