Glen B. Alleman, Author at LiquidPlanner

Glen B. Alleman

Glen B. Alleman leads the Program Planning and Controls practice for Niwot Ridge, L.L.C. In this position Glen brings 25 years’ experience in program management, systems engineering, software development, and general management to bear on problems of performance based program management. He focuses on mission critical, national asset, software systems in a variety of firms including Logicon, TRW, CH2M Hill, SM&A, before joining Niwot Ridge, L.L.C. where he developed the Performance-Based Project Management® and applied it in Aerospace, Defense, and Enterprise IT engagements. This article first appeared on Glen’s blog, Herding Cats.

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What Does Done Look Like? The Project Manager’s Dilemma

The question, “What does Done look like?” was asked every week on the program that changed my life as a Program Manager. Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site (RFETS) was the marketing term for the third worst toxic waste site on the planet. RFETS was a nuclear bomb manufacturing plant that was built in 1951, operated...

Why Do Projects Fail?

Why do projects fail? We all wish there was a simple answer to this question, but there isn’t. Anyone suggesting there is doesn’t understand the complexities of non-trivial projects in any domain. There are enough opinions to paper the side of a battleship. With all these opinions, nobody has a straightforward answer that is applicable...


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