Jason Carlson

Jason is LiquidPlanner's Co-Founder and former Chief Technology Officer.

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Build Awesome: RoR Devs Wanted

Humble Beginnings In 2006, I left a great gig at Expedia to start LiquidPlanner with a fellow Expedia colleague, Charles Seybold. Having spent years at Expedia working to make travel booking technology faster and more scalable, Charles and I witnessed first-hand how difficult it was for the all of the teams within Expedia to plan...

2016: A Look Ahead From LiquidPlanner’s CTO

2016 is going to be an exciting year for us here at LiquidPlanner. As the company continues to grow, I’m often asked two questions: What’s on the engineering and development horizon? What big trends will change how people work in the future? Here’s my simple answer to both questions: People want to succeed at work,...


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